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Beauty Resort Game

Beauty Resort

Run your own spa and take good care of your guests. Play with the mouse.

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Park My Plane Game

Park My Plane

Manage the airport and park the planes safely to their gates. Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Hot New Games

The Lord of the Harpoon Game

The Lord of the Harpoon

Become the lord of the harpoon! Fish as much as possible, and dont forget to feed the wife. She will die from hunger without food. And watch out for the yellow fish!

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Smileys eventyr Game

Smileys eventyr

Windows Live has launched a new free adventure-game. The elements of the game is taken from MSN Messenger. The mission is to save Smileys girlfriend from captivity.

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Ninja Rinseout Game

Ninja Rinseout

Sneak through the landscape and kill anyone that comes in your way. Control the ninja with the arrow-keys, use S to attack.

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Bejewled 2 Game

Bejewled 2

Arrange the jewels so they make rows of at least 3 matching jewels.

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Big Catch Game

Big Catch

This is a fun fishing-game. Try fishing for loads of different fish.

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Magnet Towers Game

Magnet Towers

Magnet Towers is an addictive game in which your goal is to stack colored magnets on top of one another. Move the mouse over a magnet to start the game.

Bubble Struggle Game

Bubble Struggle

Bubba Struggle is a game with many challenges. You can play both 1 player and 2 player. There are 22 levels!

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Skid Pan Game

Skid Pan

A funny cargame! Select a car and drive like a crazy! Use the arrowkeys to drive.

Bloody Day Game

Bloody Day

A proper shootem up-game with a lot of blood. Use 1,2,3 to change weapons and the mouse to aim and shoot.

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Fish Tales Game

Fish Tales

Eat the fishes smaller than you. In the process you grow larger, and eventually can eat all the fish in the sea.

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Even More Bloons Game

Even More Bloons

Even more balloons! Shoot down all the balloons to get to the next level. You have limited arrows so here it pays to think. Press and hold the mouse button, aim with your mouse, and release the mouse button to shoot.

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Feed Me Game

Feed Me

Catch flies with your flower. You also have to find water to survive. Click the left mouse-button as long as you need to catch the fly.

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Time Machine Game

Time Machine

Help the scientist repair his timemachine. Control it with the mouse.

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Adventure Quest Game

Adventure Quest

A RPG game, fight against different creatures, use magic, and buy better armor, formulas, etc...

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Park Race Game

Park Race

Skate through the park while gathering burgers, notes and points. Move with the arrow-keys.

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Agent Platformer 2 Game

Agent Platformer 2

A fun platform game! Collect coins and avoid danger! Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Spaarrttaa!! Game


Funny fighting game based on the movie 300! You move with the arrow keys and fight with the keys a and s.

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Logic 2: Stronghold of Sage Game

Logic 2: Stronghold of Sage

Use the mouse to connect the colors. Just remember that all the colors has to be connected if you want to win.

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Flygirl Game


Clear the dance-floor by jumping on the heads of the creepy men. If you get to close they will dance with you, and you will loose points.. Move with the arrow-keys and jump with space.

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Dress Code Nightclub Game

Dress Code Nightclub

Pick out some stunning outfits and get ready to hit the nightclub! Use the mouse to pick out the outfits.

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Diesel and Death Game

Diesel and Death

A race between 2 motorcycles where you can pick up powerups to blow up your opponent and such. Use the arrow-keys to control your bike.

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Candy Copter Game

Candy Copter

Supercute helicopter game with cartoon style graphics! Use the mouse to play, left mouse button to lift the helicopter!

Desktop Tower Defence Game

Desktop Tower Defence

Try this fun twist on the Tower Defense games (or Tower Defense, which some also call it)! Put up defense towers on your desktop, and shoot at blobs who tries to make it from one end to the other.

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Turtle Flight Game

Turtle Flight

A cute game where you have to help the tortoise reaching the spaceship.

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Enigmatica Game


Hard brainteaser where you have to get 4 in a row. This game has a time-limit and the question is how long time will you use to put all the pieces in the right spot?

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Bee Boxing Game

Bee Boxing

Protect your bees. Try to shake as many bees as possible out of the hive. Press left mouse-button to protect yourself.

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Jelly Battle Game

Jelly Battle

This is a fun strategy game where you must destroy the other jell-o-men by using icons that fall down on your keyboard.

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Hurdle Hop Game

Hurdle Hop

Cute and fun little game. Jump through the various levels. Use mouse to play.

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