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Territory War Online Game

Territory War Online

Try this great online war game! You can also play with your friends or just play the demo. Se the instructions in the game.

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Desktop Tower Defense PRO Game

Desktop Tower Defense PRO

Please dont die without having tried the excellent Desktop Tower Defense Pro. Youll hate yourself for the rest of your life. Eh, wait, thats not right.

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Hot New Games

Mort the Sniper Game

Mort the Sniper

Super cool sniper shooter! Shoot down the enemy, but beware not to shoot innocent people! Use the mouse to play!

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Mario Remix Game

Mario Remix

A fun version of Mario! Super Mario as you remember him from the glory days in Nintendo NES.

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Ducktales Game


Remember the good old Duck Tales from Disney? Amiga and Commodore game that became a classic ... Control with arrow keys. A = X button on the keyboard. B button = Y. Start = Enter.

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Orbol Game


Help Orbol get where he wants by drawing lines. Watch out for the enemies! Play with the mouse.

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Ellipsis Game


Click the squares to make them go away. A addictive and fun game!

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Presidential Knockout Game

Presidential Knockout

You have the choice: George W. Bush Jr. and John Kerry. You can be who you want, but beat him before you get beaten up. Fight with the keys A, S, D, W.

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WC3 - Tower Defence Game

WC3 - Tower Defence

Do you like strategy? Stop all bypassing bugs by building the perfect cannontower defense.

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Knife Trow 2 Game

Knife Trow 2

Throw knives at celebrities without hurting them. Try to hit the numbers without hitting the celebrity, use the mouse to throw knives.

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Slot Machine Game

Slot Machine

Gamble and play the game! Try to get "3 in a row". Press the "Bet Max" to start!

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Commando Game


This game reminds of the movie Rambo. Youre well equipped with guns while you walk through a bombed city shooting people. Move with A,S,D and W. Shoot with left mouse-button.

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Funky Truck 3 Game

Funky Truck 3

A cool little Monster Truck game. Try tricks from hilltops, see how far you can jump or how much speed you can achieve. Controlled with arrow keys. Up to drive forward, down arrow to run back and left / right arrow to balance the car.

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Q-Fu Game


Fill the milktruck by throwing the milk onto the truck. Press space to decide the force of the throw.

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Life Of The Bugs Game

Life Of The Bugs

A fun little bug game! Put together the same colored bugs and then kill them. Controlled with the mouse.

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Ashes Clashes Backyard Classic Catch Game

Ashes Clashes Backyard Classic Catch

A fun game for everyone, try to catch the ball, click the player to throw yourself at the ball.

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frostbite Game


A fun and cute platform-game where the objective is to climb the iceberg while gathering bonuses and points, how far can you get?

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Animal Rafters Game

Animal Rafters

Help the cute little animals avoid drowning. Control the game with your mouse.

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Runescape Game


Fight monsters, practice fishing, magic, cooking, or a bunch of other capabilities. You can also pick minerals and make them into armor. Good business sense is useful. Controlled with the mouse and arrow keys.

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Absolutely Hammered Game

Absolutely Hammered

Try to hit the nail without missing with the hammer. If you miss too much you will get a negative score. Use the mouse to aim.

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Ping Pong Game

Ping Pong

Ping pong is a game where you must try to get the ball over on the other side of the table. Use the mouse to control.

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Work Wars Game

Work Wars

Throw stuff at your boss without getting caught. Arrows to move. A - Throw. S - Crawl. 1,2,3 - Select Weapon

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Rock Paper Scissor Game

Rock Paper Scissor

Rock, Papers Scissors. A old classic everyone knows, this is your chance to try it online.

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Lego Orient Expedition Game

Lego Orient Expedition

Fun Lego-game in the good old Super Mario-style. Move with the arrow-keys, change player with Space, open doors with arrow down and throw nets with CTRL.

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Silversphere Game


Play this addictive game where the objective is to get the silver ball to the goal. To achieve this you have to move boxes and avoid the obstacles. Control it with the arrow-keys.

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Smileys-War Game


This is a really cool shooter! Aim and shoot with the mouse, use A to move to the left, D to move to the right and W to jump.

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Smileys War Game

Smileys War

Play actionfilled Smileys War: A shooting-game with a cute smiley as the main character. Similar to the Soldat-game. Control with AWSD and the mouse.

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Bloody Day Game

Bloody Day

A proper shootem up-game with a lot of blood. Use 1,2,3 to change weapons and the mouse to aim and shoot.

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A Case of the Crabs Game

A Case of the Crabs

A unique and entertaining detective-game with good graphics and music.

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Caf Mahjongg Game

Caf Mahjongg

Mahjongg cafe-style. You have to find two matching pieces to get them out of the game, the objective is to empty the whole board for pieces. In this edition you can also find two matching colors. Point and click with your mouse.

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