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Crush the Castle Players Pack Game

Crush the Castle Players Pack

A fun and simple game, just crush the castle so the king can expand his territory! Controlled with the mouse and arrow Keys to View Castle.

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Territory War Online Game

Territory War Online

Try this great online war game! You can also play with your friends or just play the demo. Se the instructions in the game.

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Hot New Games

UFO Racing Game

UFO Racing

A cool ufo racing game. Race with other UFOs! Controlled with the arrow keys. Press Shift for Turbo. The game can also be played in 2 player on 1 computer.

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Cannon Fodder Game

Cannon Fodder

Play Cannon Fodder; a game who now offers multiplayer mode. Can you hit the opposing canontower - before he hits you? If you like Tanks, you will love Cannon Fodder!

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IndestructoTank Game


Spill dette morsomme tanksspillet, hvor du skal bli sluppet bomber på - og så forsøke å treffe helikopterne med tanksen din! Styr med piltastene. Trykk "Play this game!" for å begynne, når du kommer til den sorte siden.

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Hangman (3) Game

Hangman (3)

A fun hangman-game with a skeleton as the main character.

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Rock Paper Scissor Game

Rock Paper Scissor

Rock, Papers Scissors. A old classic everyone knows, this is your chance to try it online.

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Flash Craft Game

Flash Craft

The sheeps are coming! Build towers and protect your castle from angry sheeps. How long can you stay alive? The game is based on, and carries many similarities with, the well known strategygame Warcraft 3.

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Street Kiter Game

Street Kiter

A cool 3D game! Surf through a city behind a huge dragon. Jump and skate through the city while you earn points.

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Kvisespillet Game


Congratulations, you just found the creepiest game in the world. You are going on a date with Pamela Anderson, you have to pop all the pimples before the time runs out.

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Halloween Ride Game

Halloween Ride

A fun racing game where the theme is halloween! Collect as many points you can while driving.

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Hairdresser Horrors Game

Hairdresser Horrors

In this fun game you are a hairdresser, but watch out you have the worst clients ever! Controlled with the mouse.

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Super Mario World Game

Super Mario World

Play the classic Super Mario World - in this flash-based version. Control with arrow keys, and guide Super Mario through a dangerous world.

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Music Zap Game

Music Zap

Almost as Streamline; a bit more difficult but still very fun! Steer with the mouse and try to avoid the traps.

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The Lord of the Harpoon Game

The Lord of the Harpoon

Become the lord of the harpoon! Fish as much as possible, and dont forget to feed the wife. She will die from hunger without food. And watch out for the yellow fish!

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My Cute Pets 2 Game

My Cute Pets 2

Do you like kittens and puppes? Then take a look at this supercute game. Your mission is to take care of a kitten, puppy, rabbit or a hamster. Play with the mouse.

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Moko Moko Game

Moko Moko

A supercute and fun game! Break as many bricks as you can without losing your ball! Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Orbol Game


Help Orbol get where he wants by drawing lines. Watch out for the enemies! Play with the mouse.

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Flipside Game


Play Flip Side, a fun racing game from Nitrome. Use the arrow keys to run.

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Ping Game


Simple ping pong-game. Play with the mouse.

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Carrie the Caregiver Game

Carrie the Caregiver

Work as a nurse on a hospital. Feed the babies, give them baths and take care of them. A game for people who love children.

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Target Barbossa Game

Target Barbossa

In this shooting game you are a russian sniper who tries to keep freedom and glory in his country. See the instructions in the game.

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Shift 3 Game

Shift 3

The third edition of this cool game-series is finally here with even more challenging levels. This game lets you turn the board by pressing "Shift". This gives new opportunities when you have to reach the target. Controls are Shift, Space and the arrow-keys.

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Bookworm Game


Try this funny Bookworm-game. Combine letters to make words, the longer the words the more points you score!

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Break the bank Game

Break the bank

Do you like the movie Oceans 13? If so you have to try this cool game about the movie. Play casino with the characters from the movie.

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Mutiny Game


Cool game in well known "the Worms" style. Use the weapons you get to knock out the opposing team. Control Mutiny by a mouse, by choosing the pirate you want to play with, and keep the button pressed down to aim.

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Othello applet Game

Othello applet

A very cool Othello game with 3D graphics. You get five different difficulty levels.

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Tetris Designer Game

Tetris Designer

Create your own Tetris-bricks in this little Tetris game. You will need to install Java!

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Letter Rip Game

Letter Rip

Letter Rip: Find a 10-letter word on English. You have to be quick so you finish before the time runs out.

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Milpa Game


Spin the avocado, corn and beans until you get three in a row.

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