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Red Remover Game

Red Remover

In this game you hate the color red and need to destroy all the red boxes! Controlled with the mouse.

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Desktop Tower Defense PRO Game

Desktop Tower Defense PRO

Please dont die without having tried the excellent Desktop Tower Defense Pro. Youll hate yourself for the rest of your life. Eh, wait, thats not right.

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Hot New Games

Street Kiter Game

Street Kiter

A cool 3D game! Surf through a city behind a huge dragon. Jump and skate through the city while you earn points.

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Bully Basher Game

Bully Basher

It`s time for a proper settlement with the buulies in the city. Help your character by letting the bullies get a taste of their own medicine!

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Clinic Escape Game

Clinic Escape

Super fun game! Try to escape from the clinic, throw things on the staff to escape! Arrow keys to move, A to activate madness, S to pick up and throw things!

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Snake Cubed! Game

Snake Cubed!

Experience Snake in 3D. Eat fruits, get extra time, disarm bombs and watch out for black holes!

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Sesam Oppdrag Åsgard Game

Sesam Oppdrag Åsgard

Sesam is back with another cool Sesam-game: Objective Åsgard! Play the tough viking while he jumps, runs and throws barrels through Middle Earth. Objective Åsgards reminds of Super Mario with a Sesam-twist.

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Traffic Slam Game

Traffic Slam

Take speed and drive out into the traffic crossing. The goal is to crash and do as much damage as possible. Pick up funds and help along the way to provide your crash with a little extra punch! Control with the arrow keys, ctrl and space. Should not be tested in reality:)

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My New Room Game

My New Room

This is a game for girls, decorate your room exactly the way you want it. Play with the mouse.

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Kick It Game

Kick It

Try to hit the goal by setting the correct strength. Use spacebar to choose.

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Blue Rabbits Climate Chaos Game

Blue Rabbits Climate Chaos

A beautiful 3d-adventure-game. Use the arrow-keys to move and click the people to talk to them.

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Pillage the Village Game

Pillage the Village

Rob the little town for as much as you can! Find the people in the city and shake them to steal money! Use the mouse to play.

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Lunar Lander Game

Lunar Lander

Play the classic Lunar Lander! Try to navigate your spaceship safely in port on the green landing strip.

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Epic Tower Defense Game

Epic Tower Defense

Build a tower to keep the orcs away so you can save the world.

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Wooden Path Game

Wooden Path

Can you assemble the harbor? Play with the mouse.

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Paintball Game


Funny game where you must draw lines with your mouse so that the ball hits the red square. Remember to press GO when you are finished drawing!

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Tank 2007 Game

Tank 2007

A cool tanks-game where you control a tanks fighting other tanks. Control it with WASD and the mouse.

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Klisterhjerne Game


Arne Hjeltnes shares the puzzles in the net-version of Klisterhjerne. You can also apply to be a part of the TV2-Show.

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Bubble Struggle Game

Bubble Struggle

Bubba Struggle is a game with many challenges. You can play both 1 player and 2 player. There are 22 levels!

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Rock Band Moshpit Madness Game

Rock Band Moshpit Madness

Control the angle of the roll with the arrow key up and down. Click on the space bar to be thrown. Press again on the space when you are in the air to take power tricks.

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Calorie Kids Space Run Game

Calorie Kids Space Run

Avoid the falling meteors while you save the Calorie-kids hovering in space.

Super Fighter Game

Super Fighter

A ninja fighting game! Fight with the arrow keys and move with A and S!

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A Case of the Crabs Game

A Case of the Crabs

A unique and entertaining detective-game with good graphics and music.

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Speedy Princess Rescue Game

Speedy Princess Rescue

A princess needs to be rescued! WASD/Arrows to move, J/Z sword, K/X bomb, L/C bow.

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The Farmer Game

The Farmer

In this game you manage your own farm. Plant your own onions, melons, strawberry and much more. When the plants are mellow, you can sell them for a profit. Easy and fun.

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Peter Paranormal Game

Peter Paranormal

Fun and simple game, hunt for small ghosts! Use mouse to play.

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Zero Game


Classic shootem up-game. You are attacked by enemy spaceships and have to shoot them down before they crash with you. Aim with the mouse and press space to shoot.

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Bubble Stars Game

Bubble Stars

Pop lots of bubbles with your star, but avoid the red ones and fish! Use the mouse to make bubbles and to aim.

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Elevatorz Game


Mr. Jitters is a stressed office worker who is is terrified of elevators! Help him to get to his office in the top of the building before the time runs out! Use left and right arrow keys to start running!

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Nightclub Game


You are in a nightclub. You get lots of different questions, You must respond immediately, otherwise it will end bad. You choose whether you want to date a Blonde, Asian, etc.

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