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Dreams Game


A small simple game, but really entertaining. Find the differences between the pictures that are being shown. Use the mouse.

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Red Remover Game

Red Remover

In this game you hate the color red and need to destroy all the red boxes! Controlled with the mouse.

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Hot New Games

Sandman Game


A beautiful adventure game! Help the creatures to escape with sand. Use the mouse to play.

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Crazy Bomberman Game

Crazy Bomberman

A fun game with crazy opponents and awesome power-ups.

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Absolutely Hammered Game

Absolutely Hammered

Try to hit the nail without missing with the hammer. If you miss too much you will get a negative score. Use the mouse to aim.

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High School Yearbook Game

High School Yearbook

Take stupid looking photos of students and put them in you high school yearbook! Use the mouse to play.

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Smashing Game


You are assigned a level with bricks. Smash blocks using the ball. Do not let the ball fall under the board.

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Kevin Federline Game

Kevin Federline

End the hustle from Kevin "K-Fed" Federline; smash him in the face and end his suffering. One of the most enjoyable games since Britney got pregnant.

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Madness Reaction Time Game

Madness Reaction Time

Test your shooting-skills in this awesome shooter. Play with the mouse.

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Rocketman Game


The Rocketman has to fly from one plane to another. You select force and direction by using the mouse.

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Simon Says Game

Simon Says

Test your memory in this cool little game. Repeat the "moves" you are shown, use the mouse to click.

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Oroboros Game


This game is addictive! You play a dragonlike snake that has to grow, use the mouse to move.

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GemCraft Game


Corruption plague the country and you are one of the few wizards who can put an end to it! Controlled with the mouse.

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Bloons Tower Defense 2 Game

Bloons Tower Defense 2

A new and challenging Tower Defence-game with ballons ready to pop.

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Skiing Game


Try slalom! Play with the mouse.

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DeConstruction Game


Make as much damage to the buildings as possible! Arrow keys to move, Shift to drop bombs, Space to detonate bombs.

Bubble Cannon Game

Bubble Cannon

Superfun game! Make lots of bubbles, then pop them! Controlled with the mouse.

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Pillage The Village Game

Pillage The Village

Pillage the villagers! Use the mouse to throw them around and steal their money. Eventually you will afford bying magic.

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Rails of War Game

Rails of War

A exciting and hard game where you drive a train while having to shoot your enemies in a war-zone. Your patience will be tested thoroughly!

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The Gunsmith Game

The Gunsmith

Funny shooting-game, you control your guy with the arrow-keys. Shoot with A, jump with S and throw dynamite with D.

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Alien Attack Game

Alien Attack

You are attacked by alines in planes. Youre in a cannon shooting at them by clicking the left mouse-button.

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Scribble 2 Game

Scribble 2

Test this line game and see if you manage to complete the challenge before time runs out! Use the mouse to play.

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Pirate Shootout Game

Pirate Shootout

Super fun shooter game. Shoot down the pirates. Read the instructions, use the mouse to shoot.

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Feudalism Game


In this strategy game you should build your own army to take over the world. Select a hero among the characters, complete the task, buy weapons and build up a mighty army.

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Spank The Booty Game

Spank The Booty

A incredibly funny game where your goal is to spank the girl as hard/fast as possible. There is a certain technique to the game, try to figure it out, use the mouse to control.

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Mammut Jakten Game

Mammoth Hunt

Shoot as many Mammoths as possible with 20 arrows! Dont shoot the hunters! Use the mouse to play.

Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery Game

Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery

Remove the blocks with as few clicks as possible. Use the mouse-button to remove the bricks.

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Peter Paranormal Game

Peter Paranormal

Fun and simple game, hunt for small ghosts! Use mouse to play.

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Street Luge Game

Street Luge

Drive down the road and try to keep a good pace without crashing. Press A to speed up, Z to brake, and right and left arrow to steer.

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Animal Rafters Game

Animal Rafters

Help the cute little animals avoid drowning. Control the game with your mouse.

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