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Park My Plane Game

Park My Plane

Manage the airport and park the planes safely to their gates. Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Action AllStars! Game

Action AllStars!

Select an athlete and compete in sports like basketball, skate boarding, baseball and much more!

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Hot New Games

Park Race Game

Park Race

Skate through the park while gathering burgers, notes and points. Move with the arrow-keys.

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Winter Drift Game

Winter Drift

Try to drift as much as possible. The closer to the wall the more points! Use SPACEBAR to brake and arrow keys to control.

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Days 2 Die Game

Days 2 Die

A super easy zombie game! Shoot the zombies so they die! WASD to move, jump with space and mouse to shoot.

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Pacman Game


Everyone knows Pacman! Eat your opponents when they are vulnerable, but watch out for them when they want to eat you. This game has a Mario-twist.

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Molson Pro Hockey Game

Molson Pro Hockey

Test your aim in this cool hockey-game. Play with the mouse.

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Stan Skates Game

Stan Skates

Ride your skateboard down the street, and jump over the obstacles that are in your way. Press spacebar to jump.

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Fly Guy Game

Fly Guy

In this fun game you get to fly! See how far you can get before you fall. Click the left mouse button to take off.

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Street Fighter Flash Game

Street Fighter Flash

A modern verison of good old Street Fighter. Move with the arrow-keys and kick ass!

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MahJong Connect Game

MahJong Connect

Play MahJong Connect - a fun and old chinese Mahjong-game where you have to find multiple matching cards, it can be a bit difficult so be patient.

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Stranded Game


A cool shooter where you only have to shoot like a maniac! Shoot with the mouse.

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Up Beat Game

Up Beat

Cool Guitar Hero-like game. Use a,s,d,space,j,k and l to play the music. Dont miss the beat! Choose between different levels and a collection of songs.

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Try this super cute game! Keep track of four little characters all at the same time! Use the keys a, s, d and f to control them.

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The Smurfes - Greedys Bakeries Game

The Smurfes - Greedys Bakeries

Cute game where the smurf doesnt like good food being spoiled, so you have to help him catch the food before it hits the ground.

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Pandemic 2 Game

Pandemic 2

Make your own virus and attempt to extinguish the human kind. During the game you are given points for the number of infected humans, which again can be used to worsen the illness, change scatteringmethods or to make it more immune to antidotes. Controlled by mouse.

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Cyber Mice Party Game

Cyber Mice Party

Cyber Mice is a game where the objective is to save up to 10 mouse, depending on the level. Try to save them before they hit the mouse-trap. Kinda like Lemmings.

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Klisterhjerne Game


Arne Hjeltnes shares the puzzles in the net-version of Klisterhjerne. You can also apply to be a part of the TV2-Show.

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The Farmer Game

The Farmer

In this game you manage your own farm. Plant your own onions, melons, strawberry and much more. When the plants are mellow, you can sell them for a profit. Easy and fun.

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Mass Attack Game

Mass Attack

Fun brainteaser where you have to balance the two scales. Click and hold with the mouse to produce larger weights, try to make it level.

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Gyro Runner Game

Gyro Runner

Control a stick-figure and try to stay on the ball for as long as possible. Gather power ups, you move with the arrow-keys.

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Caveman Run Game

Caveman Run

Help the caveman to get safely out of the country! You run with the key A and D, shoot with your mouse and jump with space.

Dream Racer Game

Dream Racer

Race through a dreamy world in this slightly different racing game. Use the arrow keys to move and jump with the space bar.

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Hummer Rally Championship Game

Hummer Rally Championship

You are driving a Hummer with 2 other racers. Try getting to the goal before they do! Use the arrow keys.

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Gunny Bunny Game

Gunny Bunny

Fun 3d shooter. You can choose between loads of different guns. Aim and shoot with the mouse. This game demands a fast computer!

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Silversphere Game


Play this addictive game where the objective is to get the silver ball to the goal. To achieve this you have to move boxes and avoid the obstacles. Control it with the arrow-keys.

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Retroid Game


In this challenging game you have to balance a ball within the boundaries of the screen, while at the same time you must avoid the enemies. You use the mouse to control the ball.

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BamBoom Game


A very cool, but difficult puzzle game. Select combinations of balls to get them to move.

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Shuffle Game


Try Shuffle: A fun game where you have to push the opponents balls off the board. This is a addictive and fun game thats absolutely worth a try.

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Green Terror Game

Green Terror

A really fun shooter game! Shoot down the alien. Use the mouse to play!

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