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The Shotgun Princess Game

The Shotgun Princess

Help the cute little princess escape the hunting cabin! Use the mouse to play.

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Dreams Game


A small simple game, but really entertaining. Find the differences between the pictures that are being shown. Use the mouse.

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Trigger Ball Game

Trigger Ball

Brainteaser where you have to hit the balls in different angles, play with the mouse.

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Dolphin Dive Game

Dolphin Dive

Dive as far as possible with your dolphin to gather as much points as possible. Control it with the mouse and the space-key.

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Chronotron Game


On every level you get a new task. Solve them by copy yourself in the time-machine by moving to it and pressing space. Your copies will copy your movements, which then again will help you solve the tasks. You can make more than one copy, control it with the arrow-keys and space.

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WarBears Game


WarBears - as cute as they might be, this is all about WAR - which is fought with water balloons in pastel colors.

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The Professionals Game

The Professionals

Shoot as many targets as possible while aiming for the center. Use space to zoom, shift to reload and the mouse to aim and shoot.

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New Car Net Racer Game

New Car Net Racer

Simple racing game! Use the mouse to play.

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Aliens Must Die Game

Aliens Must Die

Exciting action game! Kill as many aliens as possible! Use the mouse to play.

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Prismatic Game


A simple, but addictive game. Press the small red dot that moves around, but make sure you dont hit any other dots.

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Rainbow Monkey Rundown Game

Rainbow Monkey Rundown

A cool boat-game! Shoot enemies along the way with your super Jojo. Be sure to steer away from obstacles, pick up teddy bears for extra lives. Controlled with the mouse. Point / hold the mouse button to throw Jojo.

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Playing with Fire 2 Game

Playing with Fire 2

If you have played the original Boulderdash from the 90s, then you will love this fun strategy game. Bomb your way to the receiver!

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Teen Titans Game

Teen Titans

Street Fighter-clone with great graphics and special moves. Control with the arrow keys and fight with the Z-and X-key.

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Smileys War Game

Smileys War

Play actionfilled Smileys War: A shooting-game with a cute smiley as the main character. Similar to the Soldat-game. Control with AWSD and the mouse.

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Deadly Race Game

Deadly Race

In this cool racing game, you get points for how many cars you can manage to destroy by crashing into the them , or shoot with missiles you can pick up along the way ... Controlled with the mouse.

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Starcraft Flash Game

Starcraft Flash

Play the flash version of the super-popular Star Craft - absolutely free. Star Craft is a space adventure, where youll build your own base and crush the enemy in Command & Conquer style. Try Starcraft now!

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Sparty Spear Toss Game

Sparty Spear Toss

See how far you can throw the spear. Press the left mouse-button to start running. Keep it pressed to increase the force, and release when you are ready to let the spear go. Make sure you throw before reaching the two rocks on the ground.

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Monster Basement 2 Game

Monster Basement 2

You are trapped in the basement of a monster! Here you need to overcome challenges that eventually will lead you to something really scary! Use the mouse to play.

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Park Race Game

Park Race

Skate through the park while gathering burgers, notes and points. Move with the arrow-keys.

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Hungry Fish Game

Hungry Fish

In this fun game you play as a hungry fish hunting for birds. Use the arrow-keys to swim and jump out of the ocean.

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Molson Pro Hockey Game

Molson Pro Hockey

Test your aim in this cool hockey-game. Play with the mouse.

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Neon Game


Play this arcade classic, formerly known as Gravity Force and Geometry Wars. Fly through space in your spaceship while shooting all the objects threatening to crash into you.

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Stunt Drive Game

Stunt Drive

Collect as many stars as possible while jumping ramps in your car. Use the arrow-keys to control the car and the space-bar as a handbrake.

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Poke the Penguin Game

Poke the Penguin

Do you dear to "poke" the penguin? Touch it with your mouse and see what happens ... It reacts differently from time to time!

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final ninja Game

final ninja

Super Fun and cool ninja game! Use the arrow keys to play.

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Electro Air Hockey Game

Electro Air Hockey

Very cool airhockey game, which can be played forever. Get the puck in the contenders goal, and defend your own. Controlled with the mouse.

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GemCraft Game


Brilliant strategy game. War and corruption rules the land, and you are one of the few wizards who can make it all vanish. Mouse controlled game.

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Nodes Game


Play the fun Nodes; where the goal is to hit all the blue nodes with the laser beam. Click and drag on the laser guns to cover all the blue circles.

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Kitten Cannon Game

Kitten Cannon

Throw the cat as far as possible in this superfunny game! Arrow keys - to position the cannon. space - fire.

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Demoman Game


The town is getting a makeover and you have the job cleaning up space for the new buildings. Which means that you must destroy all the old ones!

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