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RC Laser Warrior Game

RC Laser Warrior

Cool racing game where you in addition to driving fast, can shoot with laser on your opponents. Controlled with the arrow keys and the shift key.

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Crush the Castle Players Pack Game

Crush the Castle Players Pack

A fun and simple game, just crush the castle so the king can expand his territory! Controlled with the mouse and arrow Keys to View Castle.

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Hot New Games

Jump n Bump Game

Jump n Bump

Jump through the levels while collecting stars in this really cool platform-game. Remember to avoid the lurking dangers. Move with the arrow-keys.

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Get A Grip Game

Get A Grip

Use the arrow keys to control your motorcycle and try to pick up as much points / money as possible by skidding through the turns. Use the SPACEBAR to Nitro.

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The Last Stand 2 Game

The Last Stand 2

The sequel to the zombie-game The Last Stand. The goal is to survive for as many nights as possible by killing the zombies. Play with the mouse and W,A,S,D.

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A Tank Named Grizzly Game

A Tank Named Grizzly

Your mission is to shoot all the enemies in the streets. Both tanks and men. Use the arrow-keys to move and left mouse-button to shoot.

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Mutant Game


Crush as much as possible and as many cities as possible before the army gets you! Use the arrow keys to play.

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B-gjengen I pengebingen Game

B-gjengen I pengebingen

The B-gang is hunting for Uncle Scrooges money. Help him defend his money, click on all the bandits.

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Street Luge Game

Street Luge

Drive down the road and try to keep a good pace without crashing. Press A to speed up, Z to brake, and right and left arrow to steer.

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Sandman Game


A beautiful adventure game! Help the creatures to escape with sand. Use the mouse to play.

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Panik in Platform Peril Game

Panik in Platform Peril

A really good platform-game. You have to find the keys to the three levels. Avoid the mean Gumbo and the traps while gathering as many points as possible.

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Balls Game


Control the white ball with the arrow-keys. Try to keep it on the blue board for as long as possible while avoiding being pushed away by the black balls.

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Fortum Winter Games 2006 Game

Fortum Winter Games 2006

The site is in Swedish. You can choose between ski school or go straight to the slopes. You control with the arrow keys.

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Sesam Bilrace Game

Sesam Car race

Sesam with a new racing game! Try beeing a rally driver in Oslo: Drive past the Parliament, through Frogner Park, past the Colosseum!

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Spank The Booty Game

Spank The Booty

A incredibly funny game where your goal is to spank the girl as hard/fast as possible. There is a certain technique to the game, try to figure it out, use the mouse to control.

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Micro Tanks Game

Micro Tanks

Try this awesome tanks-game. Navigate your tanks through a maze while trying to kill the other tanks.

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Cannon Fodder Game

Cannon Fodder

Play Cannon Fodder; a game who now offers multiplayer mode. Can you hit the opposing canontower - before he hits you? If you like Tanks, you will love Cannon Fodder!

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Winterbells Game


A amazingly simple and addictive game. Control it with the mouse, and jump from bell to bell. How high can you go?

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Ratinator Game


This is a really nice 3d-shooter. Watch out for the annoying rats!

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Scrabble Game


Play the classic Scrabble! Can you find the words hidden in the letters? The longer scrabble-words you find the more points you get. Play with the mouse.

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Slot Machine Game

Slot Machine

Gamble and play the game! Try to get "3 in a row". Press the "Bet Max" to start!

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ABCspill Game


ABCSpill offers a lot of fun games on their website, games for children, teenagers and adults. ABCSpill is one of the oldest game-sites in Norway.

Raft Wars Game

Raft Wars

Super cute game! You and your little brother need to protect your treasure against evil intruders! Use mouse to play.

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Phage Wars Game

Phage Wars

Strategygame. Spread loads of parasites to become the most dominant specie. Mouse controlled game.

Abbots Goth Gwen Game

Abbots Goth Gwen

Score points by trying different outfits, and earn special awards for dressing with clothes that fit together well, and choosing the most fitting hairstyle and accessories!

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Space Bounty Game

Space Bounty

A secret ad dark alliance uses a super-machine trying to destroy your machine, can you infiltrate its database and destroy it?

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Sesam Bilrace Bergen Game

Sesam Car race Bergen

The third and last game of the Sesam Car race games. Crush boxes in the fish market, and find shortcuts ...

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SpongeBob vs The Big One Game

SpongeBob vs The Big One

Play the funny SpongeBob surfing the big waves! Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Raft Wars Game

Raft Wars

Play Raft Wars where you have to shoot the mean pirates in the other side of the board. Can you hit them on the first try? Control with the mouse.

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Splatter Game


Kill as many bugs as possible! Use the mouse to play.

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