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Crush the Castle Players Pack Game

Crush the Castle Players Pack

A fun and simple game, just crush the castle so the king can expand his territory! Controlled with the mouse and arrow Keys to View Castle.

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Territory War Online Game

Territory War Online

Try this great online war game! You can also play with your friends or just play the demo. Se the instructions in the game.

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Hot New Games

Flash Circle TD Game

Flash Circle TD

The sequel to WC3 Tower Defence (Flash Element TD) is finally here! The bugs are smarter, the maps are more intricate, and the towers you can build are more powerful. Can you stop the invasion of the creeps?

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Reel Gold Game

Reel Gold

Are you hunting for gold? This is the right place. Gather as much gold as possible before the time runs out. Use the arrow-keys to move.

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Horsey Racing Game

Horsey Racing

A cute game where you have to be the first one finishing. Double-click to jump high.

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Dogfight Game


Fly around shooting down the enemy planes. Use the arrow-keys to move, space to shoot and ctrl to drop bombs.

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Papa Louie Game

Papa Louie

The pizzas has turned into monsters, and Papa Louie has to stop them. Move with the arrow-keys, use space to jump, X to throw bombs and Z to punch.

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Charger Escape Game

Charger Escape

Pleasant adventure-game with beautiful music. Try to get out of the barn! Play with the mouse.

Palisade Guardian Game

Palisade Guardian

A great shooter game. Soldiers keep trying to invade your fortress so shoot down the bastards! Shoot with the mouse, Space to zoom, arrow keys to select weapon.

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A Case of the Crabs Game

A Case of the Crabs

A unique and entertaining detective-game with good graphics and music.

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Super Mario 2 Game

Super Mario 2

Have you tried Super Mario Bros 2 on Nintendo? This is a classic from 1988. Start the game with Enter and move with the arrow-keys, Z and X.

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Chute Academy Game

Chute Academy

Help your students open their chutes so they dont die in the fall! Use the mouse to open the parachutes.

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Anikas Odyssey Game

Anikas Odyssey

Help Anika explore the colorful landscape on her way to find her friends. Control it with the mouse.

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Numbskull Game


Do missions to get the skull safely back to the body, play with the mouse.

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Milpa Game


Spin the avocado, corn and beans until you get three in a row.

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Skywire Game


Take control of the stroller and get the passengers to safety. Try to get through the difficult obstacles without losing too many passengers!

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Toxic Game


Toxic is a platform-game that is similar to Super Mario. Move with the arrow-kyes, jump around and place bombs with the space-key. How far can you get?

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Icy Slicy Game

Icy Slicy

Help the cute little elves and their animals that are frozen in the ice. Use the mouse to control the game.

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Nightclub Game


You are in a nightclub. You get lots of different questions, You must respond immediately, otherwise it will end bad. You choose whether you want to date a Blonde, Asian, etc.

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Magnetism 2 Game

Magnetism 2

A challenging thinking game. Red magnets attract sphere, and green magnets push it away. Can you catch the sphere in the cup at the bottom of the board?

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Stunt Pilot Game

Stunt Pilot

Try out as a stunt pilot and see if you can do all the courses without crashing! Use the arrow keys and the space bar.

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Even More Bloons Game

Even More Bloons

Even more balloons! Shoot down all the balloons to get to the next level. You have limited arrows so here it pays to think. Press and hold the mouse button, aim with your mouse, and release the mouse button to shoot.

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Ice Breaker Game

Ice Breaker

Save the vikings that are stuck in the ice in this entertaining adventure-game. Control the game with the mouse.

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Commander n Chief Game

Commander n Chief

Help Obama and Mccain in the fight against terror. Play with the mouse.

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Tainted Kingdom Game

Tainted Kingdom

Exciting and challenging strategygame. Here you will defend your kingdom. Control the game with the mouse.

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Zuma Deluxe Game

Zuma Deluxe

Play Zuma! Try to match as many colored balls as possible. If you like Bubble Shooter or Bejeweled you will love this game!

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Galactic Gravity Golf Game

Galactic Gravity Golf

Play golf in space! Use the arrow-keys to shoot and avoid other planets.

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The Battle Game

The Battle

Play the strategy game The Battle. In pure Command & Conquer style, you shall build a military base and attack your opponent on the other side of the map.

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Bloons Tower Defense Game

Bloons Tower Defense

Play Bloons Tower Defense, a fun game where you have to build towers to kill the incoming balloons.

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Undead Hunter Game

Undead Hunter

Fight against zombies and other evil creatures in this cool shootem up game! Controlled with the arrow keys!

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