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Crush the Castle Players Pack Game

Crush the Castle Players Pack

A fun and simple game, just crush the castle so the king can expand his territory! Controlled with the mouse and arrow Keys to View Castle.

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Desktop Tower Defense PRO Game

Desktop Tower Defense PRO

Please dont die without having tried the excellent Desktop Tower Defense Pro. Youll hate yourself for the rest of your life. Eh, wait, thats not right.

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Wacky Ballz Game

Wacky Ballz

Control your ball while collecting as many stars as possible in a set amount of time. Control it with the arrow-keys.

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Neurolight Game


Test your memory with this easy brainteaser. Click the objects in the proper order to recreate what you see.

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Free Rider Game

Free Rider

Draw your own bike-courses and try them out later. Control the biker with the keyboard, arrow up for speed and left and right arrow to change direction.

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Pupzzle Game


A puzzle game for the children. Help the cute pupzzle complete all the tasks and make him happy!

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A Walk in the Park Game

A Walk in the Park

A unique platform-game. Lead your owner through the levels while solving small riddles.

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Bauns Game


Make the squares dissapear, press the silver ball and pull it back. The strength depends on how far you pull it. Shoot it at 3 green squares and they dissapear.

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The Last Stand Game

The Last Stand

Cool zombie-game. In the day you can look for guns, survivors or repair your fortress, and in the night you fight crazy zombies. Control it with the mouse (if you dare...)

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Aggressive Alpine Skiing Game

Aggressive Alpine Skiing

This is a aggressive skiing-game. You will encounter many obstacles on your way down the hill. Try to avoid hitting them.

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Demoman Game


The town is getting a makeover and you have the job cleaning up space for the new buildings. Which means that you must destroy all the old ones!

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Agnry Faic Lift Game

Agnry Faic Lift

A fun little game where you have to draw facial expressions on the faces.

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Dark Cut Game

Dark Cut

This is a unique and addictive game, you are the royal doctor which has to do a lot of different operations.

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The Battle Game

The Battle

Play the strategy game The Battle. In pure Command & Conquer style, you shall build a military base and attack your opponent on the other side of the map.

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Pretty Pretty Bang Bang Game

Pretty Pretty Bang Bang

Here youll make a massive chain reaction by setting of an explosion. You are the white ball. Use the mouse to move around, and click to blow yourself up. Avoid the purple balls, but make the red ones explode.

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Spider Game Game

Spider Game

Jump as high as you can to catch the bugs before the time runs out! Arrow keys to move and jump.

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OverSize Game


A 3D racing game with Bigfoot cars. Choose a car you want to drive. Drive with the arrow keys.

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Beauty Resort Game

Beauty Resort

Run your own spa and take good care of your guests. Play with the mouse.

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Bomb It Game

Bomb It

Cute strategy game where you can choose between 1 or 2 players. The game has excellent cartoon type of graphics. Must be tested.

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wOne Game


Control a tire around the track and collect barrels and stars. You have to collect a number of barrels to get to a new level. Controlled with the arrow keys.

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TG Motocross 2 Game

TG Motocross 2

Very cool motorcycle game! Drive on the edges and take lups and get to the goal. Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Golf Ace Game

Golf Ace

This is a game where you play a 9 hole gold championship. Control with the arrow keys, V and spacebar.

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Sushi Go Round Game

Sushi Go Round

Make Sushi for your customers, make sure you check the recipe before making the sushi. When you are out of ingredients you have to order more with the phone.

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Ragdoll Laser Dodge Game

Ragdoll Laser Dodge

A fun and addictive game. Avoid the laserbeams thats falling towards you, if youre hit you have lost. You can choose between controlling it with the mouse or the keyboard.

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Sparty Spear Toss Game

Sparty Spear Toss

See how far you can throw the spear. Press the left mouse-button to start running. Keep it pressed to increase the force, and release when you are ready to let the spear go. Make sure you throw before reaching the two rocks on the ground.

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Turtle Flight Game

Turtle Flight

A cute game where you have to help the tortoise reaching the spaceship.

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Bully Basher Game

Bully Basher

It`s time for a proper settlement with the buulies in the city. Help your character by letting the bullies get a taste of their own medicine!

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Get Off My Planet Game

Get Off My Planet

Colonize and defend your planet against the enemy! Use mouse to play.

Pinch Hitter! Game

Pinch Hitter!

Cool baseball-game. Try to score as many homeruns as possible on 10 tries.

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Crumbs Game


Eat cookies as fast as you can without making a mess. Use the mouse.

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