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Desktop Tower Defense PRO Game

Desktop Tower Defense PRO

Please dont die without having tried the excellent Desktop Tower Defense Pro. Youll hate yourself for the rest of your life. Eh, wait, thats not right.

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Action AllStars! Game

Action AllStars!

Select an athlete and compete in sports like basketball, skate boarding, baseball and much more!

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Hot New Games

Hundeparken Game

Dog Park

Control an interactive dog in Dog Park and chat with other dogs and their owners. Get a higher rank and buy funny hats!

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Spaarrttaa!! Game


Funny fighting game based on the movie 300! You move with the arrow keys and fight with the keys a and s.

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Trapshoot Game


Shoot chicken, cans or other stuff. Its your choice. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

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Matrix Rampage Game

Matrix Rampage

Take the role as Neo in the Matrix Rampage; a fun platform game in Super Mario-style.

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Mutant Game


Crush as much as possible and as many cities as possible before the army gets you! Use the arrow keys to play.

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Snake Game


Slangen vil vokse etter så mye du spiser. Det vil komme opp noen ikoner som fører til at du f.eks plutselig går fortare eller går bakover. br

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Underdog BioRacer Game

Underdog BioRacer

Drive your bio-car as fast as you can in this amazing 3D game!

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Powder Game Game

Powder Game

Fantastic physics game where you can create your own world, adding fire, earth, water and more - and then populate it with small people. What will then happen when you place loads of C4 explosives in the middle of a crowd of people - and ignites?

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Rapid Fire Game

Rapid Fire

Try to hit as near the center as possible. Use the left mouse-button to shoot.

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Minigolf Game


Test your mini golf-skills in this lovely 18-hole game. Play alone or with a friend. Play with the mouse.

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Captain Jack Adventure! Game

Captain Jack Adventure!

Play Captain Jack on the search for treasure. Navigate your ship through the river while firing at enemies and gathering points.

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Wrap Attack Game

Wrap Attack

A cute and cozy christmas-game. Santa Claus has been kidnapped so you need to do his job and free him to save the christmas.

SpongeBob vs The Big One Game

SpongeBob vs The Big One

Play the funny SpongeBob surfing the big waves! Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Battle Garden Game

Battle Garden

Cool shooter with nice 3d graphics. Its pretty simple, aim and shoot with the mouse.

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Castle Clout Game

Castle Clout

Super fun! Try to throw the stone over the wall! Throw with the space bar.

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Stan Skates Game

Stan Skates

Ride your skateboard down the street, and jump over the obstacles that are in your way. Press spacebar to jump.

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Snøballkrig Game


In this game you are in a castle while other gnomes are trying to throw snowballs at you, try to get away while hitting them with snowballs.

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Chronotron Game


On every level you get a new task. Solve them by copy yourself in the time-machine by moving to it and pressing space. Your copies will copy your movements, which then again will help you solve the tasks. You can make more than one copy, control it with the arrow-keys and space.

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Ninja Air Combat Game

Ninja Air Combat

This is a super cool ninja-fighting game! Use ninja skills and fly around and kill the enemy!

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Icy Candy Game

Icy Candy

Catch the cute icecandies, when you have enough just drop them in the container. Control it with the mouse.

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Kinasjakk Game

China chess

This is the classical China chess. The game is very well made! Not the most exciting game, but entertaining nonetheless.

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Street Fighter Online Game

Street Fighter Online

The webs best fighting game? Try the old arcade classic Street Fighter!

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The Last Stand 2 Game

The Last Stand 2

The sequel to the zombie-game The Last Stand. The goal is to survive for as many nights as possible by killing the zombies. Play with the mouse and W,A,S,D.

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Crazy 7s Game

Crazy 7s

A really fun poker card game. Start with only 100 credits. Can you build a fortune in poker?

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Snow Fortress Attack Game

Snow Fortress Attack

Have a snowball fight with your friends on Christmas Eve! Dont hit Santa! The game becomes harder with every level, and there are 4 difficulty modes. Aim your snowballs fast and with high precision to defeat them all!

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Lemmings Game


Try to save as many Lemmings as possible. You get a lot of opportunities to use your tools in this classic brainteaser.

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Mystery Case Files - Ravenhearst Game

Mystery Case Files - Ravenhearst

A cool detectivegame with really nice graphics. Solve the mysteries hidden around.

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Samurai Warrior Game

Samurai Warrior

Samurai Sam gets to fight with other champions. Use the keys A, S, Q, W to fight and move with the arrow keys.

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