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Desktop Tower Defense PRO Game

Desktop Tower Defense PRO

Please dont die without having tried the excellent Desktop Tower Defense Pro. Youll hate yourself for the rest of your life. Eh, wait, thats not right.

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Dreams Game


A small simple game, but really entertaining. Find the differences between the pictures that are being shown. Use the mouse.

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Balloon shoter Game

Balloon shoter

The objective in this game is to shoot all the balloons. Control the angle with the arrow-keys and the power with the space-key. Make sure you have enough power to hit the balloon!

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Minnies Find and Click Game

Minnies Find and Click

A cute game for the youngest. Take nice pictures of Minni Mouse.

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Blue Rabbits Climate Chaos Game

Blue Rabbits Climate Chaos

A beautiful 3d-adventure-game. Use the arrow-keys to move and click the people to talk to them.

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Mind Tree Game

Mind Tree

A marvellous brainteaser where you have to do a lot of mental challenges to keep your brain working properly. Develop your skills in Memory, Math, Awareness and Logic.

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Pacma Fight! Game

Pacma Fight!

Play PacMan as a ninja! You shoot with the space bar and move with the arrow keys.

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Ashes Clashes Backyard Classic Catch Game

Ashes Clashes Backyard Classic Catch

A fun game for everyone, try to catch the ball, click the player to throw yourself at the ball.

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Slingshot Game


Slingshot: Throw rocks on the enemies by clicking the left mouse-button. The longer you keep it pressed the longer you will throw.

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Simon Says Game

Simon Says

Test your memory in this cool little game. Repeat the "moves" you are shown, use the mouse to click.

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Crazy Nut Game

Crazy Nut

Nice and easy platform-game where you have to jump the platforms, and then jump birds to get as high as you can without falling down.

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Youda Conqueror Game

Youda Conqueror

Breainteaser where the objective is to shoot the balls at the matching balls. Control it with the mouse.

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Nimian Hunter Game

Nimian Hunter

Try this incredibly beautiful and exciting 3D adventure game from the talented creator Robert Kabwe. Feed the dead souls to a ghost and return to the land of the living.

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Panik In Chocoland Game

Panik In Chocoland

Gather bombs in this cool game. You can fly by using your ears. The longer you keep the space-bar pressed, the higher you will fly. Use the arrow-keys to move.

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Ducktales Game


Remember the good old Duck Tales from Disney? Amiga and Commodore game that became a classic ... Control with arrow keys. A = X button on the keyboard. B button = Y. Start = Enter.

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Iron Man Armory Assault Game

Iron Man Armory Assault

Cool action / shooter game! Become the famous Iron Man. Shoot at the targets and see how far you get! Use the mouse to play.

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Ellipsis Game


Click the squares to make them go away. A addictive and fun game!

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Lootshoot Game


Fun game where you have to get your kid to bounce as high as possible to gather as much points as possible. Control him with the mouse.

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Toxic Game


Toxic is a platform-game that is similar to Super Mario. Move with the arrow-kyes, jump around and place bombs with the space-key. How far can you get?

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Feudalism Game


In this strategy game you should build your own army to take over the world. Select a hero among the characters, complete the task, buy weapons and build up a mighty army.

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Rise of a King Game

Rise of a King

A cool medieval fighting game! You move with the arrow keys and fight with the keys a, s and d.

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Fright Club Game

Fright Club

Funny fighting game! Try to overcome 100 demons! Use the arrow keys to move and A to fight.

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Motocross Game


Motocross is a motorcyclegame where you contend against other drivers. Watch out so you dont run out of fuel. Control with the mouse.

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Strawberry Shortcake: Big Country Fun Game Game

Strawberry Shortcake: Big Country Fun Game

Use your horse to catch all the escaped chickens. Can you catch them all before time runs out? Control your horse with the arrow-keys.

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Boombot Game


Fun game! Help the cute little boy through the levels by bombing him! Use the mouse to move him.

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Ninja Game


Get your village back by slashing and killing your way back. Superfun! See the instructions in the game.

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Spank The Booty Game

Spank The Booty

A incredibly funny game where your goal is to spank the girl as hard/fast as possible. There is a certain technique to the game, try to figure it out, use the mouse to control.

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Leo Steel And The Aztec Gold Game

Leo Steel And The Aztec Gold

A platform-game like Sonic, with a real retro-feeling. Pick up coins, hearts and other good stuff while jumping obstacles, holes and enemies. Use arrow up to jump. Use the S-key if the music makes you crazy. The character runs by itself.

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Sky Wire 2 Game

Sky Wire 2

Control a lift with passangers through loads of different obstacles. You control the lift with arrow up and arrow down. If you crash your passengers will fall out.

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Candy Copter Game

Candy Copter

Supercute helicopter game with cartoon style graphics! Use the mouse to play, left mouse button to lift the helicopter!

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