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Crush the Castle Players Pack Game

Crush the Castle Players Pack

A fun and simple game, just crush the castle so the king can expand his territory! Controlled with the mouse and arrow Keys to View Castle.

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Desktop Tower Defense PRO Game

Desktop Tower Defense PRO

Please dont die without having tried the excellent Desktop Tower Defense Pro. Youll hate yourself for the rest of your life. Eh, wait, thats not right.

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Hot New Games

Bestemors hønsefarm Game

Bestemors hønsefarm

Grandma ducks chickens lays eggs faster than ever, help her catch them all before they hit the ground and break. Move the basket with the mouse.

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Dino-Hunter Defense Game

Dino-Hunter Defense

Defense yourself against dinosaurs in this great strategy game! Controlled with the mouse.

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Raft Wars Game

Raft Wars

Fight pirates in this simple game. Control the direction and force of the projectiles with the mouse.

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Slide Game


Brainteaser with a huge amount of levels. Place identical pieces next to each other and press Enter.

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400 years of Quebuec adventures Game

400 years of Quebuec adventures

This is a fun and cute cartoon-game for all ages.

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Discus Champion Game

Discus Champion

Try out as a discus-thrower in this cool game. Alternate pressing arrow left and arrow right to increase force. Press space to throw.

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Hot Air Bloon Game

Hot Air Bloon

How far can you get? Click on the mouse to fly up and let go by not clicking on it!

Tetris Returns Game

Tetris Returns

The classic Tetris in a new version. Place the blocks on top of each other, and try not to let the pile get to big. Controlled with arrow keys.

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Sesam Oppdrag Åsgard Game

Sesam Oppdrag Åsgard

Sesam is back with another cool Sesam-game: Objective Åsgard! Play the tough viking while he jumps, runs and throws barrels through Middle Earth. Objective Åsgards reminds of Super Mario with a Sesam-twist.

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Neon Game


Play this arcade classic, formerly known as Gravity Force and Geometry Wars. Fly through space in your spaceship while shooting all the objects threatening to crash into you.

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Fashion Expo Game

Fashion Expo

Test your style skills in this great fashion dress up. Controlled with the mouse.

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Street Sesh Game

Street Sesh

A incredibly cool skateboard game with cool Shockwave graphics! Run from the cars and through the park in pure Grand Theft Auto style. Controlled with the arrowkeys + Z, X and Space bar.

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Shanghai Mahjong Game

Shanghai Mahjong

The goal of this game is to get rid of the tiles to advance to the next level. You can only remove tiles that do not have anything on the right or left side.

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Bordtennis Game


An awesome game from Teagames. You play table tennis, and can join tournaments. But the game can be a little bit tricky. You first select the level of difficulty before you start the game.

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Bike Mania On Ice Game

Bike Mania On Ice

You ride a motorcycle across an icy landscape. Try to get climb over every obstacle to reach the next level. Use the arrow keys to control the bike.

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Tiralarc Game


Shoot the targets and the enemies. Use the arrow-keys to move and the mouse to shoot.

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TG Motocross 3 Game

TG Motocross 3

Do cool freestyle tricks and jump on the ground and in the air. Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Treasure of Cutlass Reef Game

Treasure of Cutlass Reef

Try this exciting game where you fight pirates on the sea. Can you beat the enemy that guards the treasures? Move with the arrow-keys and shoot with space or F.

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Rail of War Extended Game

Rail of War Extended

Fight enemies that tries to take over your country! Your mission is to gather the troops and provide them with guns and gas.

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Lunchtimers Game


Try to spell words, while other people around the world also tryes to do the same. Colorful and fun.

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Sketch Star Game

Sketch Star

Make your own animated cartoon and share it with your friends. Draw with the mouse.

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Adventure Elf Game

Adventure Elf

Gather gifts with Santa Claus. On the way you wil find food. Use the arrow-keys to move and space to jump. Make sure you gather all the gifts before the time runs out.

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Park My Plane Game

Park My Plane

Manage the airport and park the planes safely to their gates. Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Cut! Game


Move the lawn before the time runs out while avoiding obstacles in the grass. Control with the arrow-keys.

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Likematic Game


Not so much a game as a time passer! Create your own Likes and see them spread on Facebook. Can you make the most popular «Like»?

Small Fry Game

Small Fry

A simple adventure-game, help the small figures safely through the levels. Control the game with the mouse.

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Warm-up Workout Game

Warm-up Workout

Help your character finish the warmup to the race for life, control it with the arrow-keys.

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Cannon Fodder Game

Cannon Fodder

Play Cannon Fodder; a game who now offers multiplayer mode. Can you hit the opposing canontower - before he hits you? If you like Tanks, you will love Cannon Fodder!

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