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RC Laser Warrior Game

RC Laser Warrior

Cool racing game where you in addition to driving fast, can shoot with laser on your opponents. Controlled with the arrow keys and the shift key.

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The Shotgun Princess Game

The Shotgun Princess

Help the cute little princess escape the hunting cabin! Use the mouse to play.

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Hot New Games

Magneboy Game


Magneboy is a strategygame where the goal is to maneuver your robot between blocks. The first couple of levels are easy, but it soon gets harder and more tricky as more obstacles are beeing placed. Controlled by A, S, D, W and space.

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Rockitty Game


Help the cute kitty find the lost spaceship. Controlled with the mouse.

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SkidWRX 2 Game

SkidWRX 2

Really; Drive on all types of roads using the least possible time. controlled with the arrow keys.

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A Case of the Crabs Game

A Case of the Crabs

A unique and entertaining detective-game with good graphics and music.

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Action Driving Game

Action Driving

Drive your car and try to avoid hitting other cars . Pick up bags of money. Use the arrow keys to drive!

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Break the bank Game

Break the bank

Do you like the movie Oceans 13? If so you have to try this cool game about the movie. Play casino with the characters from the movie.

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Panik in Platform Peril Game

Panik in Platform Peril

A really good platform-game. You have to find the keys to the three levels. Avoid the mean Gumbo and the traps while gathering as many points as possible.

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Roller Coaster Game

Roller Coaster

A fun rollercoaster-game where you control speed, braking and the experience. Your mission is to make the people riding as happy as possible. Control it with the arrow-keys.

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Hold The Beer Game

Hold The Beer

Help the drunk keep his beer level, use the mouse to control him.

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Cannon Blast Game

Cannon Blast

Pirates everywhere! Your mission is to shoot the boats that tries to shoot you. You control the cannon with the arrow-keys.

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Monster Trucks Game

Monster Trucks

Fun and challenging monster truck driving, try to land as gently as possible to avoid losing lives. Controlled with the arrow keys and th spacebar.

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Sesam Oppdrag Åsgard Game

Sesam Oppdrag Åsgard

Sesam is back with another cool Sesam-game: Objective Åsgard! Play the tough viking while he jumps, runs and throws barrels through Middle Earth. Objective Åsgards reminds of Super Mario with a Sesam-twist.

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Weirdville Game


Do you like Super Mario Bros? Then you will love Weirdville. Jump through a world of dangers and flying coins. Gather points and fight bad-guys.

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Dress Code Nightclub Game

Dress Code Nightclub

Pick out some stunning outfits and get ready to hit the nightclub! Use the mouse to pick out the outfits.

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Rail of War Extended Game

Rail of War Extended

Fight enemies that tries to take over your country! Your mission is to gather the troops and provide them with guns and gas.

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Monkey Kick Off Game

Monkey Kick Off

Help the monkey kick the ball as far as possible.

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Docking Perfection Game

Docking Perfection

Test your boating-skills in this fun little game. See if you can move the boat to the dock without crashing.

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High School Library Game

High School Library

Make as much noise as possible to make the librarian mad! Instructions: Click on different objects to trigger events.

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Sphere Escape Game

Sphere Escape

One of the better "Escape room"-games. Can you escape the room youre locked in with the help of your brain?

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Green Terror Game

Green Terror

A really fun shooter game! Shoot down the alien. Use the mouse to play!

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Metal Slug Brutal Game

Metal Slug Brutal

Cool platform-shooter in the Metal Slug-series. Use Z to shoot, X to jump and the arrow-keys to move.

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Dog Fight: The Great War Game

Dog Fight: The Great War

Shoot down the enemy with your flight! Arrow keys to manage the fligth and space bar to shoot.

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Clowning Around Game

Clowning Around

As a clown you have to get as many people as possible to balance on top of you. Use the arrow-keys to control.

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Nanny Mania Game

Nanny Mania

Fun strategy game. Here you a playing a nanny who also needs to take care of the chores. Remember to do all tasks in time.

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Kwari Game


This is not a game: Just a video of Kwari - a up and coming Multiplayer fps. You can actually win real money based on how good you are at playing Kwari.

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Torture Chamber Game

Torture Chamber

You are trapped in a scary dungeon, donæt be crushed by the spikes! You also have to avoid the Dungeon Keeper that wants to kill you. Get as many points as possible while you avoid getting killed.

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Ely Game


In this exciting puzzle, you shall locate a little girl who has been abducted, and hidden in a large house. Mouse controlled game.

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Puffball Hunter Game

Puffball Hunter

A super cute puzzle game! Hunt down those little cute puffballs. Controlled with the mouse.

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