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Beauty Resort Game

Beauty Resort

Run your own spa and take good care of your guests. Play with the mouse.

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The Shotgun Princess Game

The Shotgun Princess

Help the cute little princess escape the hunting cabin! Use the mouse to play.

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Hot New Games

Big Wheel Death Rally Game

Big Wheel Death Rally

If you are digging the guys from South Park, you will love this cool and crazy bicycle race game!

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Cable Capers 2 Game

Cable Capers 2

You are a plumber who has to kill all the monsters with your pipe. Throw pipes at the monsters to kill them. Use Z to throw pipes, X to jump and the arrow-keys to move.

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Build The Tower Game

Build The Tower

Build the tallest scyscraper possible. If you love more than 3 pieces you will loose, build with the mouse.

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1-i Game


You are a one-eyed alien that jumps on the screen. Your mission is to get the green bubbles, if you get the blue bubbles you will loose lives.

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Tenacious D - Devil May Fry Game

Tenacious D - Devil May Fry

Cool Guitar Hero-lookalike, with Tenacious D. Play the game with A,S,D,F and space.

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Revive Teddy Game

Revive Teddy

Your teddy is dead! Can you revive him?

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Epic Tower Defense Game

Epic Tower Defense

Build a tower to keep the orcs away so you can save the world.

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Mechanical Commando Game

Mechanical Commando

Shoot down the enemies in six different levels! Use the arrow keys to move and left mouseclick to shoot, Space to fire mortar.

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Panik in Platform Peril Game

Panik in Platform Peril

A really good platform-game. You have to find the keys to the three levels. Avoid the mean Gumbo and the traps while gathering as many points as possible.

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Kronespill Game

The Coin Game

Press and hold the left arrow key to shoot down the coin ...

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Jingo Game


Group 3 or more "Jingoes" in the same color together to remove them from the board. The more you can remove at once, the more points you get. You play this with your mouse.

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Foosball Game


A web-based Foosball game. Foosball is the game where you stand on opposite sides, and control the soccerplayers on the table with the help of some levers.

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Bejewled 2 Game

Bejewled 2

Arrange the jewels so they make rows of at least 3 matching jewels.

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Triangles Game


Ever wondered how it would be playing two games at once? Control the left window with A,S,W,D and the right window with the mouse. Can you avoid the blue triangles in both windows at the same time?

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Thrash N Burn: American Sk8er Game

Thrash N Burn: American Sk8er

Try this cool and easy skateboard-game. Move with the arrow-keys.

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The Worlds Hardest Game Game

The Worlds Hardest Game

Play the worlds hardest game! Control it with the arrow-keys and try to solve the hardest missions. The Worlds Hardest Game is really hard!

Lunar Command Game

Lunar Command

Lunar Command: You got few rockets so you have to shoot and hit with the first shot before the beams hit you. Use the left mouse-button to fire.

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Rock Paper Scissor Game

Rock Paper Scissor

Rock, Papers Scissors. A old classic everyone knows, this is your chance to try it online.

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Canyon Glider Game

Canyon Glider

Here you should try to glide as long as possible. Use the arrow keys to control. Try to get points that will emerge. You should also land when you get close to the ground.

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Life Of The Bugs Game

Life Of The Bugs

A fun little bug game! Put together the same colored bugs and then kill them. Controlled with the mouse.

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Magic Balls Game

Magic Balls

Magic Balls: Shoot down the balls that match the color of your cannon. The colors change randomly, so be quick.

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Break the bank Game

Break the bank

Do you like the movie Oceans 13? If so you have to try this cool game about the movie. Play casino with the characters from the movie.

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Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 Game

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2

The game for people who loves Rock and El-guitars, but dont know how to play. Press the arrow keys to make your way through the cool songs.

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Scary Scavenger Hunt 2 Game

Scary Scavenger Hunt 2

A garfield adventure-game. Garfield is in a scary place.

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Brainbots Game


The brain is full of intruders. Your mission is to remove all the intruders, move with the arrow-keys.

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Snøballkrig Game


In this game you are in a castle while other gnomes are trying to throw snowballs at you, try to get away while hitting them with snowballs.

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Basket Blast Game

Basket Blast

Et lite basketball spill! Få ballen i kurven. Du styrer spillet med musa.

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Chain of Fire Game

Chain of Fire

Select a peep or a tree, light it and see what happens! Controlled with the mouse, but read the instructions!

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