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Red Remover Game

Red Remover

In this game you hate the color red and need to destroy all the red boxes! Controlled with the mouse.

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Territory War Online Game

Territory War Online

Try this great online war game! You can also play with your friends or just play the demo. Se the instructions in the game.

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Hot New Games

Street Luge Game

Street Luge

Drive down the road and try to keep a good pace without crashing. Press A to speed up, Z to brake, and right and left arrow to steer.

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Crush the Castle Players Pack Game

Crush the Castle Players Pack

A fun and simple game, just crush the castle so the king can expand his territory! Controlled with the mouse and arrow Keys to View Castle.

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Sudoku Game


Play Sudoku for free in this fun online version. Try to place the numbers 1-9 in each of the 9 boxes, without a number repeating itself several times on the same line.

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Paintball Game


Funny game where you must draw lines with your mouse so that the ball hits the red square. Remember to press GO when you are finished drawing!

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Postal Panic Game

Postal Panic

Get the mail delivered regardless of the weather! Simple, use the mouse to play!

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Panik In Chocoland Game

Panik In Chocoland

Gather bombs in this cool game. You can fly by using your ears. The longer you keep the space-bar pressed, the higher you will fly. Use the arrow-keys to move.

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Rocket Fighter Game

Rocket Fighter

A cool airborne shooter. Fight the aggressive monsters in different missions.

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Super Babysitter Game

Super Babysitter

A fun and cute game for the girls! Babysit cute little children! Use the mouse to play.

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Snow Line Game

Snow Line

Make the line from Santa to the gifts as steep as possible. Try to pick up all the gifts by drawing a line to them. The steeper the hill, the more speed you get.

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The Incredible Machine Game

The Incredible Machine

Try this new version of The Incredible Machine (TIM); Build a machine to transport components from one side of the screen to another. The Incredible Machine is an old PC and Amiga classic from the 90`s.

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HeavyTon Game


Stay balanced while carrying a heavy object, use the mouse to play.

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Desktop Tower Defense 1.5 Game

Desktop Tower Defense 1.5

Play the new Desktop Tower Defense, in a brand new version (1.5). You can play with various grades of difficulties, and the enemies are harder to conquer. Can you beat Desktop Tower Defense?

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Starcraft Flash Game

Starcraft Flash

Play the flash version of the super-popular Star Craft - absolutely free. Star Craft is a space adventure, where youll build your own base and crush the enemy in Command & Conquer style. Try Starcraft now!

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Mario Adventure 2 Game

Mario Adventure 2

A beautiful version of the classic Super Mario-games. Dont miss this one if you are a Mario-fan!

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Dont Look Up Game

Dont Look Up

Trafalgar Square in London is full of tourists. Your task is to scare them off by pooping on them! Use the arrow keys and space to play. If you run out of poop look for chips to eat to produce more poop.

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Wave Navigator Game

Wave Navigator

A fun boat game in same style as the Sesam-games ... Drive as fast as you can through the course. Watch out for dangerous reefs, and other boats!

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Gun Run Game Game

Gun Run Game

Shoot all the mechanic monsters without being hit or touching them. Try to gather as many power-ups as possible on the way.

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Groovy Glider Game

Groovy Glider

Pringle is hungry and looking for potato chips. Lead him through the tunnel and watch out for obstacles. Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Hexiom Game


A smart minesweeper-game. You have a limited amount of time to figure out where to place the blocks. Use the mouse to move the blocks.

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Puffball Hunter Game

Puffball Hunter

A super cute puzzle game! Hunt down those little cute puffballs. Controlled with the mouse.

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Cut! Game


Move the lawn before the time runs out while avoiding obstacles in the grass. Control with the arrow-keys.

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Elevatorz Game


Mr. Jitters is a stressed office worker who is is terrified of elevators! Help him to get to his office in the top of the building before the time runs out! Use left and right arrow keys to start running!

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Ball Reflexion Game

Ball Reflexion

Test refleksene dine i dette ballspillet! Du bruker kun musa.

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My House Game

My House

Have patience and skill in this nice brainteaser to send the crabs back to their houses.

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Pacman Game


Everyone knows Pacman! Eat your opponents when they are vulnerable, but watch out for them when they want to eat you. This game has a Mario-twist.

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Outbreak! Game


A zombie shootem up game! Blast your way through 20 different levels. Controlled with the mouse.

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Poink Game


A simple fun game where you have to throw balls at the monsters. You control the ball with the mouse.

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