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Dreams Game


A small simple game, but really entertaining. Find the differences between the pictures that are being shown. Use the mouse.

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Beauty Resort Game

Beauty Resort

Run your own spa and take good care of your guests. Play with the mouse.

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Hot New Games

Blast Billiards Gold Game

Blast Billiards Gold

A fun and cool billiards game with 20 different levels! Use the mouse to play.

Lovers Puzzle Game

Lovers Puzzle

Try this romantic valentine puzzle game and test your skills! Use the mouse to play.

Operation Thunderbolt Game

Operation Thunderbolt

Play Operation Thunderbolt: A game developed by the Australian air force to recruit fighter-pilots. Can you finish all the missions they have for you?

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Sonic Game


Try to reach goal without being stopped by other obstacles. Use the arrow keys to control and SPACEBAR to jump.

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Zed Game


Gather points while avoiding being killed by the monsters. Control with the arrow-keys, in addition press S to turn off the sound and P to Pause.

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ViaRally Game


Drive through the country of France with your cool racing car! Drive with the arrow keys.

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Texas Holdem Game

Texas Holdem

Play the poker variation Texas Holdem; a fun card game. Poker is played best with good friends, but if you have no friends this game should do!

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Make Up Wonders Game

Make Up Wonders

Fun makeupgame for girls. Try to give the girl a makeup just like the finished picture. Use the mouse to control the game.

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Hurdle Hop Game

Hurdle Hop

Cute and fun little game. Jump through the various levels. Use mouse to play.

Snake Game


Snake: A classic! This is a new and improved version developed by Miniclip.

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Emily Grace Game

Emily Grace

A really nice 3d-shooter where you have to reclaim your hometown from the invaders. This game demands a fast computer.

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N - Way of The Ninja Game

N - Way of The Ninja

A fun game where a little ninja has to avoid dangers and gather all the gold. Loads of levels!

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Gravity Pods Game

Gravity Pods

Really cool physics-game where you have to fire a rocket on a spinning ball. Try to navigate the rocket to avoid the obstacles. Control it with the arrow-keys.

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Days 2 Die Game

Days 2 Die

A super easy zombie game! Shoot the zombies so they die! WASD to move, jump with space and mouse to shoot.

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Puffball Hunter Game

Puffball Hunter

A super cute puzzle game! Hunt down those little cute puffballs. Controlled with the mouse.

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Boxhead - The Zombie Wars Game

Boxhead - The Zombie Wars

A really cool Zombie shootem up-game where you have to stay alive! Move with the arrow-keys and shoot with space. Change weapons by pressing the number-keys (1,2,3 etc.)

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Sesam Bilrace Bergen Game

Sesam Car race Bergen

The third and last game of the Sesam Car race games. Crush boxes in the fish market, and find shortcuts ...

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Robot Dinosaurs Game

Robot Dinosaurs

A fun and easy shooter game with robot dinosaurs! Simple, just use the mouse to play.

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Stickman Madness 2 Game

Stickman Madness 2

A cool shooting-game where you have to fight a evil mafiaboss and his crew.

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Rudolphs Kickn Fly Game

Rudolphs Kickn Fly

This is really a christmas-game, but it can be played all year. Control it with the mouse, and kick the santa as long as possible.

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Extreme Luge Game

Extreme Luge

Try to keep you on the road, and not hit the mountain wall. Use the mouse to control.

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Bie-spillet Game


Play the fun bee-game where you play as bee hunting for honey. Control it with the mouse and pick up stones that you drop on the flowers. Collect as much honey as you can and avoid other bees and raindrops.

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Minefield Of Death Game

Minefield Of Death

Avoid being blown up by mines! Super easy to play!

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Nimian Flyer Legends Game

Nimian Flyer Legends

Try this beautiful and cool adventure-game where you are a dragon flying over the continent fighting the monsters that have taken over the land.

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Bad Apple Game

Bad Apple

Funny minesweeper-game with the same rules as the classic minesweeper. Try to clear the board without hitting the rotten apples. The numbers represent how many rottens apples that are adjacent to the square.

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Bomb It Game

Bomb It

Cute strategy game where you can choose between 1 or 2 players. The game has excellent cartoon type of graphics. Must be tested.

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Minnies Find and Click Game

Minnies Find and Click

A cute game for the youngest. Take nice pictures of Minni Mouse.

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