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Park My Plane Game

Park My Plane

Manage the airport and park the planes safely to their gates. Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Territory War Online Game

Territory War Online

Try this great online war game! You can also play with your friends or just play the demo. Se the instructions in the game.

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Try this super cute game! Keep track of four little characters all at the same time! Use the keys a, s, d and f to control them.

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Monty Pythons Spamalot Game

Monty Pythons Spamalot

A game based on Monty Pythons classic The Knights of the round table.

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wOne Game


Control a tire around the track and collect barrels and stars. You have to collect a number of barrels to get to a new level. Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Pyromasters Game


Cool Bomberman-type game. Can be played with up to 4 players. Control with the arrow keys, and release the bombs with enter. Bomb your opponent before he bombs you!

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Blob Bopper Game

Blob Bopper

Dont let your friends in the sea run out of air. Lead the fishes to the bubbles of the same color, but watch out so you dont hit the other bubbles or other fish. Then you will run out of air.

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Monster Trucks Game

Monster Trucks

Fun and challenging monster truck driving, try to land as gently as possible to avoid losing lives. Controlled with the arrow keys and th spacebar.

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Pocketful Of Stars Game

Pocketful Of Stars

Beautiful adventure-game, catch comets with the cute girls reflection in the ice. Play with the mouse.

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Sim City War Game

Sim City War

Dfence 2 can best be described as "Sim City War". Build a city while you are being attacked by small soldiers. Balance the need for soldiers with the need to build a city with good infrastructure. Do you have whats needed to succeed in Sim City?

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The Bird And the Sea Game

The Bird And the Sea

Dive for fish, click the left mouse-button like crazy to fly, keep it pressed to catch fish. You dont have to catch the fish with the beak.

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SOL spill Game

SOL spill has a nice game-site with loads of internetgames. SOLs editors make sure there are only quality games on their website.

Mass Attack Game

Mass Attack

Fun brainteaser where you have to balance the two scales. Click and hold with the mouse to produce larger weights, try to make it level.

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Clear Vision 2 Game

Clear Vision 2

Try out as a sniper in this cool game. You will be rewarded and get new missions as you play. Play with the mouse.

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Pac-Xon Game


A great mix of classic PacMan and qixs games! Use the arrow keys to move!

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Bullet Time Game

Bullet Time

Test your skills in this fun strategy game. As soon as the gun fires, click the left mouse button to dodge the bullet.

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Rainbow Monkey Rundown Game

Rainbow Monkey Rundown

A cool boat-game! Shoot enemies along the way with your super Jojo. Be sure to steer away from obstacles, pick up teddy bears for extra lives. Controlled with the mouse. Point / hold the mouse button to throw Jojo.

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Fight Sight Game

Fight Sight

A easy fighting game! move with the arrow keys and fight with the keys Z and X.

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Coconut Safari Game

Coconut Safari

Go on a safari and take pictures of wild animals you pass. Its important to keep the camera steady so the pictures stays focused. Control it with the mouse and the left mouse-button.

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Ninja Game


Get your village back by slashing and killing your way back. Superfun! See the instructions in the game.

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Javaders Game


Another variant of the popular game Space Invaders!

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Xtreme Cliff Diving Game

Xtreme Cliff Diving

Parachute jump to collect points while falling to the ground! Move with the arrow keys.

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Smileys eventyr Game

Smileys eventyr

Windows Live has launched a new free adventure-game. The elements of the game is taken from MSN Messenger. The mission is to save Smileys girlfriend from captivity.

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Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 Game

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2

The game for people who loves Rock and El-guitars, but dont know how to play. Press the arrow keys to make your way through the cool songs.

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Invasion Tactical Defence Game

Invasion Tactical Defence

The year is 2134 and aliens are attacking. Defend your base with a huge arsenal of guns!

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Poke the Penguin Game

Poke the Penguin

Do you dear to "poke" the penguin? Touch it with your mouse and see what happens ... It reacts differently from time to time!

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Samurai Warrior Game

Samurai Warrior

Samurai Sam gets to fight with other champions. Use the keys A, S, Q, W to fight and move with the arrow keys.

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Starbase Defender Game

Starbase Defender

Save the human race! Aliens have taken over the spaceship, as the only survivor your job is to annihilate them.

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Bunker Game


Defend your bunker for any price. Keep your enemies away by controlling the view around. The enemies are Foot soldiers, military vehicles, robot-spiders, aircraft, etc. A really addictive game!

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Aggressive Alpine Skiing Game

Aggressive Alpine Skiing

This is a aggressive skiing-game. You will encounter many obstacles on your way down the hill. Try to avoid hitting them.

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