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The Shotgun Princess Game

The Shotgun Princess

Help the cute little princess escape the hunting cabin! Use the mouse to play.

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Crush the Castle Players Pack Game

Crush the Castle Players Pack

A fun and simple game, just crush the castle so the king can expand his territory! Controlled with the mouse and arrow Keys to View Castle.

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Hot New Games

Splatter Game


Kill as many bugs as possible! Use the mouse to play.

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Shift 3 Game

Shift 3

The third edition of this cool game-series is finally here with even more challenging levels. This game lets you turn the board by pressing "Shift". This gives new opportunities when you have to reach the target. Controls are Shift, Space and the arrow-keys.

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Prismatic Game


A simple, but addictive game. Press the small red dot that moves around, but make sure you dont hit any other dots.

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Zero Game


Classic shootem up-game. You are attacked by enemy spaceships and have to shoot them down before they crash with you. Aim with the mouse and press space to shoot.

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HeavyTon Game


Stay balanced while carrying a heavy object, use the mouse to play.

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Sunday Lawn Game

Sunday Lawn

This is a small pac-man-game. Move the lawn, but watch out for hedgehogs and dogs that move around on the lawn.

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Tennis Ace Game

Tennis Ace

Tennis Ace; almost like Ping Pong. Except here you are playing on a large field. Use the left mouse button hit and steer.

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Sjakk Game


Play Chess in this intelligent flash edition. Can you win over a computer, which can make millions of calculations per second?

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Texas Holdem Game

Texas Holdem

Play the poker variation Texas Holdem; a fun card game. Poker is played best with good friends, but if you have no friends this game should do!

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Attak Game


Fight your enemy with the help of punching, kicking and by shooting small yellow shots out of your hands! You begin with three characters, but you can unlock three new by winning tournaments. Controlled with arrow keys. Press ESC for more info about how the game is controlled.

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Toxic Game


Toxic is a platform-game that is similar to Super Mario. Move with the arrow-kyes, jump around and place bombs with the space-key. How far can you get?

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Hundeparken Game

Dog Park

Control an interactive dog in Dog Park and chat with other dogs and their owners. Get a higher rank and buy funny hats!

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Funky Truck 3 Game

Funky Truck 3

A cool little Monster Truck game. Try tricks from hilltops, see how far you can jump or how much speed you can achieve. Controlled with arrow keys. Up to drive forward, down arrow to run back and left / right arrow to balance the car.

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Hidden Expedition: Titanic Game

Hidden Expedition: Titanic

A beautiful game about Titanic. Explore the ship and find antique artifacts thats hidden around the ship.

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The Flanders Killer Game

The Flanders Killer

Test your shooting-skills in this Simpsons shootem up-game. You get points for all the Flanders you hit. If you hit anyone else you will loose points.

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Curveball Game


This game resembles Ping Pong a little bit. Try to get the ball behind your opponent. You receive a bonus for hitting on the middle of the ball, and for twisting it. Use the mouse to control.

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Hunted Forever Game

Hunted Forever

Really cool platform-game! You are in the future on a alien world. Play with the arrow-keys or W,A,S,D.

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Crazy Golf Game

Crazy Golf

A fun mini golf-game with 18 levels to get through. Use the mouse to control the direction of the hit. Pull the pointer back to increase the force of the put.

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Momentum Missile Mayhem 2 Game

Momentum Missile Mayhem 2

A cool and advanced defense game! Fight the enemy tanks. Press the mouse button inside the defensive circle, drag the mouse and then let go to send off a shootout.

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You Can Dance! Game

You Can Dance!

Funny dancing game. Game instructions are in German, but is easy to understand. Select a character, put your fingers on the arrow keys and try to click the correct arrow key at the right time.

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Shape Switcher Game

Shape Switcher

Get past the circles, triangles and lightning bolts to get to the shining star. Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Blobular Game


A cute little game. Spin your way through a world filled with mushrooms and fruits.

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Polar Jump Game

Polar Jump

Click the polarbear to make him jump as high as possible.

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Treasure of Cutlass Reef Game

Treasure of Cutlass Reef

Try this exciting game where you fight pirates on the sea. Can you beat the enemy that guards the treasures? Move with the arrow-keys and shoot with space or F.

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Run Elephant Run Game

Run Elephant Run

Help the little elephant to get away from the paparazzi, police and angry goose! Arrow keys to move; doubleclick Up arrow for doublejump.

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Millionær Game

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Bowling Game


Try to shoot down as much as possible! Use the mouse to play. A wonderful game for those who love bowling.

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Gillette Fusion Stealth Game

Gillette Fusion Stealth

Play the superfun Gillette Fusion Stealth-game on and get the chance to win a Nintendo Wii, portable DVD-player and plenty more!

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