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Desktop Tower Defense PRO Game

Desktop Tower Defense PRO

Please dont die without having tried the excellent Desktop Tower Defense Pro. Youll hate yourself for the rest of your life. Eh, wait, thats not right.

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RC Laser Warrior Game

RC Laser Warrior

Cool racing game where you in addition to driving fast, can shoot with laser on your opponents. Controlled with the arrow keys and the shift key.

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Hot New Games

Steel Defence Commander Game

Steel Defence Commander

Do you remember games like Raptor? This is a new twist. Control the base-units and stop the intruder.

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Wakeboarding XS Game

Wakeboarding XS

Show off your tricks! Keep the left mouse button pressed to gain more power. Use Z, X, C and U to perform tricks.

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Baby Boom Game

Baby Boom

You are responsible for a bunch of freerange babies. The target is to get them all into bed before they start crying. Make sure you match the correct color on the bed with the correct color on the baby. Use the mouse to click the babies and pull them to bed.

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Counterstrike Lite Game

Counterstrike Lite

Counterstrike Lite! Aim with the mouse, reload the gun with R. Practice for a while before you try to fight.

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Swords & Sandals 2 Game

Swords & Sandals 2

A fun gladiator game, take part in the bloody arena fights! Inbetween the fights buy weapons and equipment. Control with arrow keys.

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Raft Wars Game

Raft Wars

Super cute game! You and your little brother need to protect your treasure against evil intruders! Use mouse to play.

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Guess The Celebrity Thong Game

Guess The Celebrity Thong

Guess which butt belongs to who! Superfun!

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Sewer Run 2 - Nite Ops Game

Sewer Run 2 - Nite Ops

A follow-up of the game Sewer Run, only with better graphics and more features. A worthy sequel to Sewer Run!

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Basaboom Game


A cool Bubble Shooter-game, but in this game you have to click the balls and make matching balls blow up. Play with the mouse.

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Cannon Fodder Game

Cannon Fodder

Play Cannon Fodder; a game who now offers multiplayer mode. Can you hit the opposing canontower - before he hits you? If you like Tanks, you will love Cannon Fodder!

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ABCspill Game


ABCSpill offers a lot of fun games on their website, games for children, teenagers and adults. ABCSpill is one of the oldest game-sites in Norway.

Freerider 2 Game

Freerider 2

Freerider 2 is a bike-game where you have to make your own tracks before trying them out. You can also find more tracks on the forum.

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Momentum Missile Mayhem 2 Game

Momentum Missile Mayhem 2

A cool and advanced defense game! Fight the enemy tanks. Press the mouse button inside the defensive circle, drag the mouse and then let go to send off a shootout.

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Bunni: How We First Met Game

Bunni: How We First Met

A supercute and fun adventure game. The goal is to restore and build new islands. Controlled with the mouse.

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Danger Wheels Game

Danger Wheels

Drop bombs to blast a way to the enemy and then blast him. Use the arrow-keys to move and space to drop bombs.

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Martin Madfish Game

Martin Madfish

How high can you get Martin Madfish to fly? Use the arrow keys and charge with space bar.

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Lunar Command Game

Lunar Command

Lunar Command: You got few rockets so you have to shoot and hit with the first shot before the beams hit you. Use the left mouse-button to fire.

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Seascape Game


This is a beautiful game with nice 3d-graphics. You are on the bottom of the sea, control the diver with the mouse.

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Candy And Clyde Game

Candy And Clyde

Choose whether you want to be naughty or nice! Perform various tasks in a certain time. Use the mouse to play.

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Hot Air Game

Hot Air

Blow a air-balloon through the levels, make sure it doesnt pop on the traps that are everywhere. Play with the mouse.

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F18 Strike Force Game

F18 Strike Force

Your F18 is well equipped. Shoot down all your enemies with the left mouse-button.

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Rocket Run Game

Rocket Run

In this game you have to gather the yellow stars with your rocket. Control the rocket with the arrow keys.

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Defender Game


Defender is a new Tower Defense-game. Place small guntowers around the level and wait for the enemies to try to get through your blockade. Control it with the mouse.

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Letter Rip Game

Letter Rip

Letter Rip: Find a 10-letter word on English. You have to be quick so you finish before the time runs out.

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Hot Dog Bush Game

Hot Dog Bush

Try this fun game where you play George Bush as a hot dog seller in New York after being kicked out of the White House. You control with the mouse.

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Papas Pizzeria Game

Papas Pizzeria

Help Roy run the familys pizza-place while Papa Louie is gone. You have to take orders and make all the food. A really fun game.

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Submachine 4: The Lab Game

Submachine 4: The Lab

A fun point-and-click "Escape"-game where the objective is to solve a large mystery. Can you get out of the scary house?

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