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Dreams Game


A small simple game, but really entertaining. Find the differences between the pictures that are being shown. Use the mouse.

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Park My Plane Game

Park My Plane

Manage the airport and park the planes safely to their gates. Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Hot New Games

Slider Game


Simple brainteaser with beautiful music. Draw lines that your character can move on, gather stars and float through space. This game has 30 levels.

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Pocketful Of Stars Game

Pocketful Of Stars

Beautiful adventure-game, catch comets with the cute girls reflection in the ice. Play with the mouse.

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On The Run Game

On The Run

A very fun racing game where you are being hunted by other cars! Try to find the exit without being destroyed or run out of fuel, pick up shift keys and gasoline along the way. Control with arrow keys ..

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Powerpuff Girls: Zom-B-Gone! Game

Powerpuff Girls: Zom-B-Gone!

Help the Powerpuff Girls fighting zombies, flying decks of card and bad rabbits. Use objects you find on the way as help. Read the tutorial in the beginning of the game. Point and click with your mouse to select objects.

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Nevermore Game


This is a beautiful and cute adventure-game. Control it with the arrow-keys, space and the mouse.

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4 Wheel Game

4 Wheel

Drive a 4-wheeler in a race against 4 others. control with the arrow keys.

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Snowboard Madness Game

Snowboard Madness

Fun snowboarding game that can easily get you hooked! Remeber to ride between the flags. Control with the arrow keys.

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Mechanical Commando Game

Mechanical Commando

Shoot down the enemies in six different levels! Use the arrow keys to move and left mouseclick to shoot, Space to fire mortar.

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Dirk Valentine Game

Dirk Valentine

Cool platform-game where you control the hero Dirk Valentine. You have to save the world from Baron Battenberg and his steam-powered warmachines. Move with the arrow-keys and use the mouse to aim and shoot.

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Prince of Persia Game

Prince of Persia

Play the classic Prince of Persia, fight against an evil sultan, deep in his dungeons ... Prince of Persia is a real classic game, and deserves to be played by new generations.

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DeConstruction Game


Make as much damage to the buildings as possible! Arrow keys to move, Shift to drop bombs, Space to detonate bombs.

Bombjack Game


Play the retro-classic Bomb Jack from the old Commodore 64! Control with the arrow keys and jump with Space.

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Jewelquest 2 Game

Jewelquest 2

Hunt for gold and diamonds in Jewelquest 2. The game is quite hard with 5 different levels, read the instructions as you start.

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Uphill Rush Game

Uphill Rush

You can ride everything from skateboarding to monster trucks in this cool racing game. You get points for the time you spend, tricks and stars that youre able to collect on the road. Controlled with the arrow keys, Z for turbo and Space to jump.

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Reel Gold Game

Reel Gold

Are you hunting for gold? This is the right place. Gather as much gold as possible before the time runs out. Use the arrow-keys to move.

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Hairdresser Horrors Game

Hairdresser Horrors

In this fun game you are a hairdresser, but watch out you have the worst clients ever! Controlled with the mouse.

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Multiplayer Tower Defence Game

Multiplayer Tower Defence

Finally: Desktop Tower Defense in Multiplayer version! Play Desktop Tower Defense against hundreds of other Tower Defense fans!

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Startwars Game


Fun fighting-game. Kill the evil monsters! Use X and Z to attack and the arrow-keys to move.

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Word Lab Game

Word Lab

Fun and smart wordgame where your English-skills are tested.

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Insurgio Game


Get rid of the cops while you are fighting for freedom! Move with W,A,S,D,B. Duck, jump, aim and shoot with the mouse.

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Caf Mahjongg Game

Caf Mahjongg

Mahjongg cafe-style. You have to find two matching pieces to get them out of the game, the objective is to empty the whole board for pieces. In this edition you can also find two matching colors. Point and click with your mouse.

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Rails of War Game

Rails of War

A exciting and hard game where you drive a train while having to shoot your enemies in a war-zone. Your patience will be tested thoroughly!

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Final Ninja Game

Final Ninja

Cool ninja platform game! Fight your enemies in ninja style. Use A, D and W to control the figure. Point your mouse and click to throw a ninja star.

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Sparty Spear Toss Game

Sparty Spear Toss

See how far you can throw the spear. Press the left mouse-button to start running. Keep it pressed to increase the force, and release when you are ready to let the spear go. Make sure you throw before reaching the two rocks on the ground.

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Speedy Princess Rescue Game

Speedy Princess Rescue

A princess needs to be rescued! WASD/Arrows to move, J/Z sword, K/X bomb, L/C bow.

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Cable Capers 2 Game

Cable Capers 2

You are a plumber who has to kill all the monsters with your pipe. Throw pipes at the monsters to kill them. Use Z to throw pipes, X to jump and the arrow-keys to move.

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Inuyasha Demon Tournament Game

Inuyasha Demon Tournament

This is a strategy game with Manga-drawings. Nice graphics and a lot of fighting.

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Bug War Game

Bug War

Colonize and annihilate the enemy. Click your colonies individually or click and drag to select multiple colonies. Click a neutral or enemy colony to attack.Build defensive towers to protect your colonies from invaders.

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