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Crush the Castle Players Pack Game

Crush the Castle Players Pack

A fun and simple game, just crush the castle so the king can expand his territory! Controlled with the mouse and arrow Keys to View Castle.

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Beauty Resort Game

Beauty Resort

Run your own spa and take good care of your guests. Play with the mouse.

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Hot New Games

Park Race Game

Park Race

Skate through the park while gathering burgers, notes and points. Move with the arrow-keys.

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Abbots Goth Gwen Game

Abbots Goth Gwen

Score points by trying different outfits, and earn special awards for dressing with clothes that fit together well, and choosing the most fitting hairstyle and accessories!

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Extreme Heli Boarding Game

Extreme Heli Boarding

Try this fun snowboard-game where you have to collect stars while racing for extra time and points. You jump with space and move with the arrow-keys.

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Cure The Bunny Game

Cure The Bunny

The bunny Fred is about to loose his life, and you are the one who can save him. If youre not quick enough, Fred travels to animalheaven. Remember to act quickly. Controlled by mouse.

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Run Elephant Run Game

Run Elephant Run

Help the little elephant to get away from the paparazzi, police and angry goose! Arrow keys to move; doubleclick Up arrow for doublejump.

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Absolutely Hammered Game

Absolutely Hammered

Try to hit the nail without missing with the hammer. If you miss too much you will get a negative score. Use the mouse to aim.

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Indiana Jones Game

Indiana Jones

In this fun platform-game you play the famous explorer Indiana Jones. Control him with the arrow-keys and try to survive in the mad world hes in.

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Kevin Federline Game

Kevin Federline

End the hustle from Kevin "K-Fed" Federline; smash him in the face and end his suffering. One of the most enjoyable games since Britney got pregnant.

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Commuter Cupid Game

Commuter Cupid

Your objective is to help the unhappy people, play with the mouse.

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Airborne Game


Use the catapult to burst the balloons! Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

Smiley Memory Game

Smiley Memory

Funny memory game where you have to remember where all the smileypairs are hidden. Easy in the beginning but becomes harder and harder. Do you have good memory?

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Penguin Arcade Game

Penguin Arcade

Try to shoot as many penguins as possible while avoiding wasted ammo. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

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Puffball Hunter Game

Puffball Hunter

A super cute puzzle game! Hunt down those little cute puffballs. Controlled with the mouse.

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101 Dalmatians Bounce Game

101 Dalmatians Bounce

Try to catch as many snowflakes as possible with your bouncing dog, without going head first into the snow.

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Jetpack Mission Game

Jetpack Mission

Try to save as many Extras as possible by using umbrellas, bridges and other nice tools. Same concept as Lemmings.

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Super Mario 1 Game

Super Mario 1

Try the original Super Mario Bros! The game that started all of the Mario-hype. Press Enter to start the game, control with the arrow-keys, Z and X.

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Rox 2 Game

Rox 2

The match 3 game with a real twist is back! This time you have to match groups of balls in space. Now with the exciting new Progressive game mode, you will be challenged! Can you beat the rox, and pop a Legendary group of balls?

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Bridge Builder Game

Bridge Builder

If you like physics and strategy games, you will love this downloadable bridge builder game. Try to build a solid bridge over a river, and then let a train run over it. Will it hold? (This game must be downloaded to your PC).

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Skyboard Game


Super cool racing game! Use the skyboard to hover over skyscrapers, and between them in a race with your friends!

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Bloxorz Game


Brainteaser with great graphics. Use the arrow-keys to move the block.

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Tiralarc Game


Shoot the targets and the enemies. Use the arrow-keys to move and the mouse to shoot.

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Fantasy Rollercoaster Game

Fantasy Rollercoaster

A Fun little game! Try to give your passengers the most ultimate rollercoaster experience. Watch out for holes and broken rails! Right arrow key for acceleration, left for the brake.

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Shark Bait Game

Shark Bait

Eat divers and seals to survive! You eta with the spacebar and move with the arrow keys.

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Wacky Taxi Game

Wacky Taxi

Ever wantet to be a taxi driver? Pick up passengers and drive them to their destinations. Use the arrow keys to drive the car.

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Corn Pops Challenge Game

Corn Pops Challenge

A fun little game witch involves eating cereal! Use the mouse to play.

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Castle Smasher Game

Castle Smasher

Destroy your opponents castle! But be careful; you only have a number of rocks available by your catapult. Control with the mouse.

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Magic Balls Game

Magic Balls

Magic Balls: Shoot down the balls that match the color of your cannon. The colors change randomly, so be quick.

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Sesam Bilrace Trondheim Game

Sesam Bilrace Trondheim

Drive like a madman in the streets of Trondheim and let the mustache flutter. Cool racing game with the music of DDE.

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