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Dreams Game


A small simple game, but really entertaining. Find the differences between the pictures that are being shown. Use the mouse.

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Red Remover Game

Red Remover

In this game you hate the color red and need to destroy all the red boxes! Controlled with the mouse.

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Hot New Games

Zero Game


Classic shootem up-game. You are attacked by enemy spaceships and have to shoot them down before they crash with you. Aim with the mouse and press space to shoot.

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Dj Fest Hard Jam Vol. 1 Game

Dj Fest Hard Jam Vol. 1

Test your DJ-skills in this Guitar Hero-inspired DJ-game. Control it with the mouse.

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Monkey King Game

Monkey King

A really cool fighting game! Fight against all the enemies as they come toward you. Controlled with the mouse.

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3 Foot Ninja Game

3 Foot Ninja

A fun fighting game with Ninjas! You are on a journey to find your destiny and have to fight many enemies on the way!

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Ocean Explorer Game

Ocean Explorer

Explore the sea by taking pictures of colorful fish. You get more points the better the pictures are. Use the mouse to move, space to zoom and left mouse-button to take a picture.

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Crazy Bomberman Game

Crazy Bomberman

A fun game with crazy opponents and awesome power-ups.

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Twang Game


Twang is a cool game from MTV where the objective is to move a black ball from one side of the board to the next. Control it with the mouse, click and pull the pink ropes to control Twang.

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Heros Arms Game

Heros Arms

A super cute and easy fighting game! Arrow keys to move, space for inventory, Z and N to attack.

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Cow Tower Game

Cow Tower

A fun and cute game with cows! Collect milk from all the cows in cups and paper planes! Controlled with the mouse.

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Ski Runner Game

Ski Runner

Super fun and easy to play skiing game! Ten levels of fun alpine skiing. Move with the arrow keys.

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Meal or No Meal Game

Meal or No Meal

Have dreams of competing in Deal or no deal? This food related version is good practise. Pick the correct lids, get offers from the cock, or bet everything to reach the top prize.

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Spore Hero Game

Spore Hero

Try the wellknown Spore game and create a creature and fight for your planet.

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3 Foot Ninja Game

3 Foot Ninja

Fight your enemies as a ninja. Use A,S and D to use the sword and the arrow-keys to move.

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Bridge Builder Game

Bridge Builder

If you like physics and strategy games, you will love this downloadable bridge builder game. Try to build a solid bridge over a river, and then let a train run over it. Will it hold? (This game must be downloaded to your PC).

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Whooly 2 Game

Whooly 2

A really fun platform game! Guide your way trough more than 20 levels. Use the arrow keys to run and jump!

Spookiz Game


A scary adventure-game where you are located in a haunted and scary mine. Kill all the monsters inside. Use the arrow-keys to control the game.

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Pandemic 2 Game

Pandemic 2

Make your own virus and attempt to extinguish the human kind. During the game you are given points for the number of infected humans, which again can be used to worsen the illness, change scatteringmethods or to make it more immune to antidotes. Controlled by mouse.

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Ratinator Game


This is a really nice 3d-shooter. Watch out for the annoying rats!

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Overkill Apache Game

Overkill Apache

Play Overkill Apache where you control a apache-helicopter in a desert environment.. Can you crush the enemy?

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Monkey Lander Game

Monkey Lander

Pick fruits and score points before landing on the ground. Try not to run out of fuel.

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Groovy Glider Game

Groovy Glider

Pringle is hungry and looking for potato chips. Lead him through the tunnel and watch out for obstacles. Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Blokkokopter Game


Control the helicopter by pressing the left mouse-button, dont hit the obstacles.

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Air Adventure Game

Air Adventure

Pick up as much battery for your plane as possible while avoiding the birds and other animals.

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Clear Vision 2 Game

Clear Vision 2

Try out as a sniper in this cool game. You will be rewarded and get new missions as you play. Play with the mouse.

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Conquer Antarctica Game

Conquer Antarctica

Pengiun-wars! Shoot the other penguins before they shoot you. Use the mouse to play.

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Guitar Master 5 Game

Guitar Master 5

A cool game that looks like Guitar Hero, the objective is to hit the notes at the right time. 3 levels. Press the strings with A,S,D,J,K and L.

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Beauty Resort Game

Beauty Resort

Run your own spa and take good care of your guests. Play with the mouse.

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Bee Boxing Game

Bee Boxing

Get the bees to beat down the opponents hive! Use the mouse to play.

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