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Crush the Castle Players Pack Game

Crush the Castle Players Pack

A fun and simple game, just crush the castle so the king can expand his territory! Controlled with the mouse and arrow Keys to View Castle.

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Dreams Game


A small simple game, but really entertaining. Find the differences between the pictures that are being shown. Use the mouse.

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Hot New Games

Super Fighter Game

Super Fighter

A ninja fighting game! Fight with the arrow keys and move with A and S!

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Mix & Mash Dress Up Game Game

Mix & Mash Dress Up Game

Fun dress up game for every fashion girl out there! Pick out a model and dress her up in cute outfits.

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$hop Til You Drop Game

$hop Til You Drop

In this fun little game you should buy everything on your shopping list. Nothing more. Nothing less. You use the arrow keys to play.

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Crash Down Game

Crash Down

You will be given colours in the bottom of the screen. Try to click the matching color above. Use the mouse to play.

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Gold Miner Game

Gold Miner

Fish gold and avoid rocks. Use dynamite to blow up your unwanted catch. Controlled with the mouse.

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David Game


Save the sheeps with David. You also have to gather apples and hit the animals that tries to kill you. Use space to hit, and the arrow-keys to move.

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Dragons Metal Age Game

Dragons Metal Age

Cool adventure/shooting-game. Fly the dragon over enemy territory while firing fireballs at the enemy while you are looking for Kyra the princess which is held captive by the evil Scyla.

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Elevatorz Game


Mr. Jitters is a stressed office worker who is is terrified of elevators! Help him to get to his office in the top of the building before the time runs out! Use left and right arrow keys to start running!

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3D Pong Game

3D Pong

Fun 3D Ping pong. Play with the arrow-keys, try to smash the white ball over on the opponents side.

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Boulderdash Game


Play this cool BoulderDash-clone named Treasure Caves! Move around the labyrinth and search for diamonds and other valuables. Control with arrow keys.

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Space Invaders Game

Space Invaders

Shoot all the enemies before they shoot you. Hide behind stuff to avoid being hit. Use the space-key to shoot.

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Slot Machine Game

Slot Machine

Gamble and play the game! Try to get "3 in a row". Press the "Bet Max" to start!

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Amateur Surgeon Game

Amateur Surgeon

Operate people you hit with your car wiht Probe the pizzaman. Your equipment is anything ranging from a pizzacutter to a stapler. Control it with the arrow-keys.

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Rural Racer Game

Rural Racer

Chop down trees with the opponent. Play by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Multiplayer is possible.

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Powder Game Game

Powder Game

Fantastic physics game where you can create your own world, adding fire, earth, water and more - and then populate it with small people. What will then happen when you place loads of C4 explosives in the middle of a crowd of people - and ignites?

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Keypad Kaos Game

Keypad Kaos

Press your num pad keys to shoot the matching target. Game over if you miss!

Hill Billy Flea Game

Hill Billy Flea

Try to jump all the monsters that appear, and dont hit the exploding boxes. Use the arrow-keys to move.

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Playing With Fire 2 Game

Playing With Fire 2

Can you kill your opponent before he kills you? Place bombs on the map for blow away the barrels, so that you can reach your opponent. You will gain aids during the game. Controlled with the arrow keys. Place bomb with space.

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Andrew the Droid Game

Andrew the Droid

Control Andrew the robot through 25 different levels! Move with the arrow-keys.

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Add It Up Game

Add It Up

Practice your math-skills in this fun math-game.

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Wreck Your Racquet Game

Wreck Your Racquet

A nice and easy tennis-game with good graphics. Move with the arrow-keys and shoot with X and Z.

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CQC Game


This is a really nice shooter. Run through skyscrapers and shoot like a maniac. Read the instructions before playing.

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Crazy Bomberman Game

Crazy Bomberman

A fun game with crazy opponents and awesome power-ups.

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Snow fortress attack Game

Snow fortress attack

Cute and funny snowball-war game! Throw as many snowballs as you can! You throw with your mouse.

Punk-o-matic Game


A fun little game where you can make your own punk music. Use the mouse to control the sounds you want in the song.

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Sunday Lawn Game

Sunday Lawn

This is a small pac-man-game. Move the lawn, but watch out for hedgehogs and dogs that move around on the lawn.

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Meal or No Meal Game

Meal or No Meal

Have dreams of competing in Deal or no deal? This food related version is good practise. Pick the correct lids, get offers from the cock, or bet everything to reach the top prize.

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Sesam Oppdrag Åsgard Game

Sesam Oppdrag Åsgard

Sesam is back with another cool Sesam-game: Objective Åsgard! Play the tough viking while he jumps, runs and throws barrels through Middle Earth. Objective Åsgards reminds of Super Mario with a Sesam-twist.

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