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The Shotgun Princess Game

The Shotgun Princess

Help the cute little princess escape the hunting cabin! Use the mouse to play.

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Action AllStars! Game

Action AllStars!

Select an athlete and compete in sports like basketball, skate boarding, baseball and much more!

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Hot New Games

Hostile Skies Game

Hostile Skies

Shoot down the enemy planes by using the left mouse-button to shoot.

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Wordo Game


Wordo: Letters fall down from the top, make sure to spell words before the board is full.

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Mario Adventure 2 Game

Mario Adventure 2

A beautiful version of the classic Super Mario-games. Dont miss this one if you are a Mario-fan!

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Woman On Top Game

Woman On Top

Climb up the worlds highest mountain! Use the arrow keys to play.

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Project Inthri 3 Game

Project Inthri 3

Super Fun shooting game! Win the war over the aliens whos trying to take over the planet! Use the mouse to play.

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Max Damage Game

Max Damage

In this puzzle game you need destroy as much as possible! Controlled with the mouse.

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Canyon Glider Game

Canyon Glider

Here you should try to glide as long as possible. Use the arrow keys to control. Try to get points that will emerge. You should also land when you get close to the ground.

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Deep Freeze Game

Deep Freeze

Turn your enemies into ice! You shoot with the space-bar and move with the arrow-keys.

  • Game-score Game is a big foreign game-site with loads of great games in all genres.

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Aquanaut Game


A cool submarine game! Navigate your way through jellyfish and sharp rocks! Collect coins and precious stones on the way to the goal that is a treasure chest. Use the mouse to play.

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Boxhead - The Zombie Wars Game

Boxhead - The Zombie Wars

A really cool Zombie shootem up-game where you have to stay alive! Move with the arrow-keys and shoot with space. Change weapons by pressing the number-keys (1,2,3 etc.)

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Adventure Factory Game

Adventure Factory

Here you can get the opportunity to create your very own personal adventure game! Follow the instructions in game.

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Acnos Energizer Game

Acnos Energizer

Try this fun brainteaser with great graphics. Lots of nice and simple levels.

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Basketball Slam Game

Basketball Slam

Really cool 3D-basketball-game. Move with the arrow-keys, pass with Z and use X to steal and shoot.

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Galactic Gravity Golf Game

Galactic Gravity Golf

Play golf in space! Use the arrow-keys to shoot and avoid other planets.

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Sjakk Game


Play Chess in this intelligent flash edition. Can you win over a computer, which can make millions of calculations per second?

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Habbo Hotell Game

Habbo Hotell

In Habbo Hotel you can chat, meet new friends and live in a virtual world!

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UFO Joe Game


Save animals with the spaceship and land on the target. Try to use as little fuel as possible. Arrow-keys to control.

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Hurdle Hop Game

Hurdle Hop

Cute and fun little game. Jump through the various levels. Use mouse to play.

Ally the Alien Game

Ally the Alien

Help Ally the alien finding his dog thats lost in space.

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Battle Pong Game

Battle Pong

The objective in Battle Pong is to make sure you beat your opponent, control your pad with the arrow-keys. Try to sneak the ball past the opponent.

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Omega Warrior Game

Omega Warrior

Fight against mutants! You control the game with the arrow keys and fight with the keys a, d and s.

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Phage Wars Game

Phage Wars

Strategygame. Spread loads of parasites to become the most dominant specie. Mouse controlled game.

Katapult Game


Swedish version of the famed Norwegian catapult-game. How long can you stay afloat after being launched out of a catapult?

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Caravaneer Game


In this game you drive a truck transporting goods between cities. You will have to deal with both economy and tactics and keep the truck running. You have to fight robbers and solve problems that arise on the way. The game has over 70 characters and 80 different types of goods.

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Tattoo Artist Game

Tattoo Artist

Try beeing a tattoo artist for a day! Very entertaining game. Draw with the mouse.

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Highspeed Chase Game

Highspeed Chase

Drive through the traffic hunting your opponents and do what you can to make them crash. But watch out for the other cars! Control your car with the arrow-keys.

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Army Copter Game

Army Copter

You are flying a army-helicopter and your mission is to shoot down the enemies. Use the arrow-keys to move and the spacebar to shoot.

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