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Action AllStars! Game

Action AllStars!

Select an athlete and compete in sports like basketball, skate boarding, baseball and much more!

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Park My Plane Game

Park My Plane

Manage the airport and park the planes safely to their gates. Controlled with the arrow keys.

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Hot New Games

Plus!Plus! Game


In limited time you have to match the numbers the game gives you. Do this by clicking the pieces on the board, the more pieces you use to reach the number, the more points you get.

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Balance Game


Try your balancing-skills. Try to keep the ball up as long as possible.

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Too many ninjas! Game

Too many ninjas!

Try this cool ninja fighting game! Very easy to play and addictive! Use the arrow keys to fight.

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Air Support Game

Air Support

This is a interesting game where you get help from the air. Avoid being hit by the bombs that are falling.

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Nuclear Eagle Game

Nuclear Eagle

You are a eagle and a mother ho needs to feed her children! use mouse to play.

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Luncheon Of The Dead Game

Luncheon Of The Dead

Exciting and awesome strategygame where you shall survive trapped inside a mall filled with zombies. You task is to survive as long as possible, without being eaten.

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Me and the Key Game

Me and the Key

Find the key in this crazy and fun brain teaser! Use the mouse to play.

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Mario Combat Game

Mario Combat

Morsomt Mario mini slåssespill! Du beveger deg med piltastene og slår med A tasten.

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Green Terror Game

Green Terror

A really fun shooter game! Shoot down the alien. Use the mouse to play!

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Where is my pants Game

Where is my pants

You have unfortunately left home without your pants, and is terrified that someone will see you! Press the space bar to hide behind objects when you see someone coming.

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Eternal Red Game

Eternal Red

Supercool fighting / shooter game! Build fortress towers and traps so nothing reaches the portal!

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Electro Air Hockey Game

Electro Air Hockey

Very cool airhockey game, which can be played forever. Get the puck in the contenders goal, and defend your own. Controlled with the mouse.

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Rail of War Extended Game

Rail of War Extended

Fight enemies that tries to take over your country! Your mission is to gather the troops and provide them with guns and gas.

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Bauns Game


Make the squares dissapear, press the silver ball and pull it back. The strength depends on how far you pull it. Shoot it at 3 green squares and they dissapear.

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Doom Game


Play the classic Doom from id Software; To start the Doom game, right click on the game and select "Play" from the menu.

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Melody Mimic Game

Melody Mimic

A fun memory-game with Donald, Minni, Dolly and Goophy.

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Battleship Game


You must place your ships strategically, so that your opponent will have a hard time finding them. Find your opponents ships, before he find yours! Control with the mouse.

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Twiddlestix Game


Twiddlestix; You should transfer a stick from a "room" to another. Use the arrow keys to move the stick.

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Curveball Game


This game resembles Ping Pong a little bit. Try to get the ball behind your opponent. You receive a bonus for hitting on the middle of the ball, and for twisting it. Use the mouse to control.

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Extreme Dodgeball Game

Extreme Dodgeball

Try this fun dodgeball game. Here you throw and catch the ball.

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Snow fortress attack Game

Snow fortress attack

Cute and funny snowball-war game! Throw as many snowballs as you can! You throw with your mouse.

Stranded Game


A cool shooter where you only have to shoot like a maniac! Shoot with the mouse.

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Agent Footy Game

Agent Footy

Help Paul the football agent get as much money as possible. Try not to be hit by the ball.

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Speedy Princess Rescue Game

Speedy Princess Rescue

A princess needs to be rescued! WASD/Arrows to move, J/Z sword, K/X bomb, L/C bow.

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Throw Me Game

Throw Me

A cute and fun game, throw the ball as far as you can! Controlled with the mouse, when you are ready to throw the press the space bar.

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Kwari Game


This is not a game: Just a video of Kwari - a up and coming Multiplayer fps. You can actually win real money based on how good you are at playing Kwari.

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Toxic Game


Toxic is a platform-game that is similar to Super Mario. Move with the arrow-kyes, jump around and place bombs with the space-key. How far can you get?

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Office Lover Kiss Game

Office Lover Kiss

Kiss your darling when the boss isnt watching. If he catches you he will be furious, how many kisses can you do before he sees you?

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