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The Shotgun Princess Game

The Shotgun Princess

Help the cute little princess escape the hunting cabin! Use the mouse to play.

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Action AllStars! Game

Action AllStars!

Select an athlete and compete in sports like basketball, skate boarding, baseball and much more!

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Hot New Games

Robot Dinosaurs Game

Robot Dinosaurs

A fun and easy shooter game with robot dinosaurs! Simple, just use the mouse to play.

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Penguin Diner Game

Penguin Diner

Run a restaurant for penguins! Play with the mouse.

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Desert Rifle Game

Desert Rifle

A cool shootem up game! Defend yourself against the enemy for six days all alone in the desert! Controlled with the mouse.

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Grammachnophobia Game


As a spider you have to spell words by catching flies in the proper order in a set amount of time. The word you have to spell is only shown for a second, so be quick.

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Fashion Solitiare 2 Game

Fashion Solitiare 2

Dress up all the models in lovely summer styles, then try to win. Reed the instructions in the game.

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Destroy All Zombies 3 Game

Destroy All Zombies 3

In this shooter game, you can blast down as many zombies you want! Use the mouse to shoot.

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Maze Game


Only a few people have managed to finish this game. Can you navigate the arrow to the red block WITHOUT hitting the walls?

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N - Way of The Ninja Game

N - Way of The Ninja

A fun game where a little ninja has to avoid dangers and gather all the gold. Loads of levels!

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BMX Backflip Game Game

BMX Backflip Game

The game is based on doing tricks the game asks you to perform. You control the bike with the arrow keys. The person riding the bike can be a bit strange, so remember to have some air before you perform a backflip.

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Murloc Game


Fun adventure-game with graphics like World of Warcraft.

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Mort the Sniper Game

Mort the Sniper

Super cool sniper shooter! Shoot down the enemy, but beware not to shoot innocent people! Use the mouse to play!

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Snake Game


Snake: A classic! This is a new and improved version developed by Miniclip.

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Jump n Bump Game

Jump n Bump

Jump through the levels while collecting stars in this really cool platform-game. Remember to avoid the lurking dangers. Move with the arrow-keys.

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Trouble On The Way Game

Trouble On The Way

Play as a sheriff that has to protect the town against robbers and other dangerous people. Play with the mouse.

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Risk Game


Play Risk Dicewars: A dice-based version of RISK. You control it with the mouse and the objective is to conquer the opponents land by throwing higher numbers than him.

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Flags Game


Try this easy brainteaser, do what you are instructed in 5 seconds.

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Trapped Game


You wake up in a dark room and dont know anything about your whereabouts. When you look around, and start to pick up things, you start to remember. Are you completely stuck, you can get help.

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Planet 51 Racing! Game

Planet 51 Racing!

Join in and play this great space race game! Controlled with the mouse.

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Sesam Bilrace Bergen Game

Sesam Car race Bergen

The third and last game of the Sesam Car race games. Crush boxes in the fish market, and find shortcuts ...

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Milpa Game


Spin the avocado, corn and beans until you get three in a row.

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Elven Mists Game

Elven Mists

There is chaos in elfland, can you save the elves from captivity? Control with the mouse and the arrow-keys.

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Feed Me Game

Feed Me

Catch flies with your flower. You also have to find water to survive. Click the left mouse-button as long as you need to catch the fly.

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Kvisespillet Game


Congratulations, you just found the creepiest game in the world. You are going on a date with Pamela Anderson, you have to pop all the pimples before the time runs out.

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McDonalds Videogame Game

McDonalds Videogame

Will you be a success or a failure? There is a lot to watch if you are going to keep a McDonalds running. If you fail Ronald will be angry and fire you.

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Sling Jumper 2 Game

Sling Jumper 2

Bounce on the slings and walls while gathering coins to complete the different levels. Move with the arrow-keys.

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Smiley Difference Game

Smiley Difference

Find the differences in the photos in this fun 3D game! Click with the mouse on the differences.

Fatboy Frogger Game

Fatboy Frogger

A fun game! Run down the street and avoid as many obstacles you can!

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Dart Game


Here you should throw the darts. Try to get as many points as possible. Use the mouse to control the direction and the strength of the throw.

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