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Territory War Online Game

Territory War Online

Try this great online war game! You can also play with your friends or just play the demo. Se the instructions in the game.

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Action AllStars! Game

Action AllStars!

Select an athlete and compete in sports like basketball, skate boarding, baseball and much more!

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Hot New Games

Mastermind Game


You start with 8 balls, move one ball at a time and try to guess the secret combination: 4 balls in a certain combination. A black dot means that one of the balls is in the right spot, while a red dot means that one of the balls is the correct color, but not in the right spot.

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Minigolf Game


Test your mini golf-skills in this lovely 18-hole game. Play alone or with a friend. Play with the mouse.

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Jumping Rabbit Game

Jumping Rabbit

A really addictive and fun game! Jump as high as you can! Use the mouse to play.

BMX Star Game

BMX Star

Ride the stunt bike on paths with ramps and loops. This game is a little difficult, but very catchy.

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On The Run Game

On The Run

A very fun racing game where you are being hunted by other cars! Try to find the exit without being destroyed or run out of fuel, pick up shift keys and gasoline along the way. Control with arrow keys ..

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Robo Pogo Game

Robo Pogo

Fun brainteaser where you have to balance the robot jumping down the road. Control him with the mouse.

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Popit Game


Popit is a norwegian game-site run by Egmont Serieforlaget. Popit has loads of fun games and is great for the youngest kids.

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Fly The Copter Game

Fly The Copter

A cool chopper-game where you need to keep away from the walls on your way. Press the left mousebutton to fly up, and release it to fly down. The target is to see how far you can go before you crash. Its not as easy as it sounds.

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Without XL2 Game

Without XL2

Really cool snowboard-game with high jumps, powder snow, great graphics and cool music. Move with the arrow-keys, keep space pressed to get ready for jumps. Use the arrow-keys to do tricks in the air.

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Shift 3 Game

Shift 3

The third edition of this cool game-series is finally here with even more challenging levels. This game lets you turn the board by pressing "Shift". This gives new opportunities when you have to reach the target. Controls are Shift, Space and the arrow-keys.

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Tennis Ace Game

Tennis Ace

Tennis Ace; almost like Ping Pong. Except here you are playing on a large field. Use the left mouse button hit and steer.

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Para Jumper Game

Para Jumper

In Para Jumper youll jump out of an aircraft, and land as close to the goal as possible. To open your parachute, click the left mouse button. Then, to steer, move the mouse in the opposite direction from where you want to land.

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Kick It Game

Kick It

Try to hit the goal by setting the correct strength. Use spacebar to choose.

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Acid factory Game

Acid factory

Help Harry get out of his acid-filled factory. Use the arrow-keys to control Harry and Z to shoot.

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Bubble Maker Game

Bubble Maker

Blow bubbles and try to catch as many flowers as possible before time runs out. Blow bubbles with the right mouse-button.

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RR the game Game

RR the game

This games objective is to shoot radioretirees with a softgun-shotgun. You control with the mouse and shoot with the left mouse-button.

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Iron Man Armory Assault Game

Iron Man Armory Assault

Cool action / shooter game! Become the famous Iron Man. Shoot at the targets and see how far you get! Use the mouse to play.

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Coconut Safari Game

Coconut Safari

Go on a safari and take pictures of wild animals you pass. Its important to keep the camera steady so the pictures stays focused. Control it with the mouse and the left mouse-button.

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Magnetism 2 Game

Magnetism 2

A challenging thinking game. Red magnets attract sphere, and green magnets push it away. Can you catch the sphere in the cup at the bottom of the board?

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Sudoku Game


Use the mouse to play Sudoku, you start by choosing the difficulty and then select the space where you want to enter a number. Then select the proper number from the number-line in the bottom of the screen.

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Galactic Gravity Golf Game

Galactic Gravity Golf

Play golf in space! Use the arrow-keys to shoot and avoid other planets.

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Peter Paranormal Game

Peter Paranormal

Fun and simple game, hunt for small ghosts! Use mouse to play.

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Mario Time Attack Game

Mario Time Attack

Super-fun Mario clone, run as quickly as possible from one side of the path to the other ...Controlled with arrow keys.

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Super Mario Revived Game

Super Mario Revived

A completely new version of Super Mario! If you like the Nintendo Wii, you need to test this web-based version of our old hero!

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Mutiny Game


Cool game in well known "the Worms" style. Use the weapons you get to knock out the opposing team. Control Mutiny by a mouse, by choosing the pirate you want to play with, and keep the button pressed down to aim.

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Mutant Game


Crush as much as possible and as many cities as possible before the army gets you! Use the arrow keys to play.

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Park Race Game

Park Race

Skate through the park while gathering burgers, notes and points. Move with the arrow-keys.

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Absolutely Hammered Game

Absolutely Hammered

Try to hit the nail without missing with the hammer. If you miss too much you will get a negative score. Use the mouse to aim.

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