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Beauty Resort Game

Beauty Resort

Run your own spa and take good care of your guests. Play with the mouse.

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RC Laser Warrior Game

RC Laser Warrior

Cool racing game where you in addition to driving fast, can shoot with laser on your opponents. Controlled with the arrow keys and the shift key.

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The Worlds Hardest Game Game

The Worlds Hardest Game

An incredibly difficult puzzle game! Keep the blue balls away from the red square or die! You move the square with the arrow keys.

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Oroboros Game


This game is addictive! You play a dragonlike snake that has to grow, use the mouse to move.

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Attak Game


Fight your enemy with the help of punching, kicking and by shooting small yellow shots out of your hands! You begin with three characters, but you can unlock three new by winning tournaments. Controlled with arrow keys. Press ESC for more info about how the game is controlled.

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Funk Box Game

Funk Box

Entertaining music-game. Figure out if you got what it takes to succeed.

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Icy Slicy Game

Icy Slicy

Help the cute little elves and their animals that are frozen in the ice. Use the mouse to control the game.

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Bee Boxing Game

Bee Boxing

Get the bees to beat down the opponents hive! Use the mouse to play.

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Feed The Head Game

Feed The Head

The weirdest game you will play today. A lot of funny stuff will appear when you feed the head.

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Bust a Soccer Ball! Game

Bust a Soccer Ball!

A classic Bust-A-Move-game. Simple but fun.

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Dream Racer Game

Dream Racer

Race through a dreamy world in this slightly different racing game. Use the arrow keys to move and jump with the space bar.

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Adventure Quest Game

Adventure Quest

A RPG game, fight against different creatures, use magic, and buy better armor, formulas, etc...

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Sobics School Game

Sobics School

A cute and fun korean game. You play as one of the teletubbies in this simple game with 25 levels. You control it with the mouse.

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Skid Pan Game

Skid Pan

A funny cargame! Select a car and drive like a crazy! Use the arrowkeys to drive.

The Rise of Atlantis Game

The Rise of Atlantis

Try this exciting and incredibly fun adventure-game about the lost city of Atlantis. Find a way to get the legendary continent to the surface and rebuild the city.

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Dino Run Game

Dino Run

You are a dinosaur running for your life from the great extermination! Super easy to play, you only use the arrow keys!

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Spore Hero Game

Spore Hero

Try the wellknown Spore game and create a creature and fight for your planet.

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Monkey Go Happy Game

Monkey Go Happy

Do missions to make the cute little monkey happy again, use the mouse to control.

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Street Fighter Flash Game

Street Fighter Flash

A modern verison of good old Street Fighter. Move with the arrow-keys and kick ass!

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Fishing Girl Game

Fishing Girl

A supercute fishinggame that ends with something completely different! Help the young boy who is stuck on the other side of the river!

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Fly Guy Game

Fly Guy

In this fun game you get to fly! See how far you can get before you fall. Click the left mouse button to take off.

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Bie-spillet Game


Play the fun bee-game where you play as bee hunting for honey. Control it with the mouse and pick up stones that you drop on the flowers. Collect as much honey as you can and avoid other bees and raindrops.

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Big Wheel Death Rally Game

Big Wheel Death Rally

If you are digging the guys from South Park, you will love this cool and crazy bicycle race game!

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Aniball - Flash Soccer Game Game

Aniball - Flash Soccer Game

This is a really fun soccer-game where you can choose players, play a mini-tournament against the computer and unlock new stadiums. You can also play with a friend in 2player-mode.

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Laia Summer Days Game

Laia Summer Days

A fun game for the girls! Dress up the character and choose everything from the hair color to the shoes! Use the mouse to play.

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Letter Rip Game

Letter Rip

Letter Rip: Find a 10-letter word on English. You have to be quick so you finish before the time runs out.

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Warcraft 2 Game

Warcraft 2

Play Warcraft 2 - that inspired World of Warcraft! One of the most famous and beloved strategy games now in flash version.

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Hive Hero Game

Hive Hero

A fun shooter game with bees! Protect your bee hive from other insects! Use the mouse to play.

Youda Conqueror Game

Youda Conqueror

Breainteaser where the objective is to shoot the balls at the matching balls. Control it with the mouse.

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Ragdoll Zombie Slayer Game

Ragdoll Zombie Slayer

Yet a great zombie shooting game! Its simple, just shoot as many zombies as possible.

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