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Sewer Run 2 - Nite Ops Sewer Run 2 - Nite Ops

A follow-up of the game Sewer Run, only with better graphics and more features. A worthy sequel to Sewer Run!

Sherwood Dungeon Sherwood Dungeon

Try this fantastic roleplay game! Move around in a 3D world, with hundreds of other players online.

Runescape Runescape

Fight monsters, practice fishing, magic, cooking, or a bunch of other capabilities. You can also pick minerals and make them into armor. Good business sense is useful. Controlled with the mouse and arrow keys.

Basketball Slam Basketball Slam

Really cool 3D-basketball-game. Move with the arrow-keys, pass with Z and use X to steal and shoot.

Murloc Murloc

Fun adventure-game with graphics like World of Warcraft.

Drift n Burn 365 Drift n Burn 365

Cool 3D racing game with really good graphics! Controlled with the arrow keys.

Stunt Driver Stunt Driver

Try out as a stunt driver in six different exercises. if you`re good, you get three new cars and tracks!

Tank Ball Tank Ball

Very cool online tank game! Shoot down other users while you are driving tanks. Move with the arrow keys and shoot with the Ctrl key.

Blue Rabbits Climate Chaos Blue Rabbits Climate Chaos

A beautiful 3d-adventure-game. Use the arrow-keys to move and click the people to talk to them.

Snowboard Madness Snowboard Madness

Fun snowboarding game that can easily get you hooked! Remeber to ride between the flags. Control with the arrow keys.

Hey Taxi! Hey Taxi!

Drive around in a tuk tuk in an Indian metropolis, pick up passengers going to different places.

Nimian Hunter Nimian Hunter

Try this incredibly beautiful and exciting 3D adventure game from the talented creator Robert Kabwe. Feed the dead souls to a ghost and return to the land of the living.

Jet Ski Jet Ski

A cool game where you must drive a jet ski within the paths. Good graphics and very fun. Controlled with the arrow keys and spacebar to perform cool tricks.

3D Snake 3D Snake

Play the 3D version of the classic Snake game; known from old computers and crappy Nokia phones.

3D Logic 3D Logic

In this game you can test your IQ. Amazing game. Link together those who have the same color.

Milkshake Milkshake

Play milkshake; a really good 3D game where you drive milk around to different people - without crushing the bottles!

Ping Pong Ping Pong

Ping pong is a game where you must try to get the ball over on the other side of the table. Use the mouse to control.

Redline Rumble 2 Redline Rumble 2

If you like James Bond and fast cars, then this game is for you. Wonderful 3D graphics!

Underdog BioRacer Underdog BioRacer

Drive your bio-car as fast as you can in this amazing 3D game!

Minilympics Minilympics

A game where you can play many Olympic branches, such as running, jumping, weightlifting etc. Controlled with different keys for each branch.

Sunday Lawn Sunday Lawn

This is a small pac-man-game. Move the lawn, but watch out for hedgehogs and dogs that move around on the lawn.

Puppy Curling Puppy Curling

Curling with a dog on the kitchen floor. Who will get closest to the middle? Fun game.

OverSize OverSize

A 3D racing game with Bigfoot cars. Choose a car you want to drive. Drive with the arrow keys.

Superbike GP Superbike GP

Drive your racingbike around the tracks. You control the bike with the arrow keys. Remember to stay on the tarmac.

Championship Rally Championship Rally

A cool racing game with 3D and good steering. Drive with the arrow keys.

Shuffle Bowl Shuffle Bowl

Shuffle Bowl is a game similar to bowling, except the ball isnt round. Use the mouse to release the "puck".

3D Speedy Santa 3D Speedy Santa

A really cool racing-game where you are santa on a sleigh. Use the arrow-keys to control and space to get speed.

Emily Grace Emily Grace

A really nice 3d-shooter where you have to reclaim your hometown from the invaders. This game demands a fast computer.

3D Ball Drop 3D Ball Drop

Play the addictive 3D Ball Drop; balance a ball on the green point on the record... Use the mouse to play.

Battle Garden Battle Garden

Cool shooter with nice 3d graphics. Its pretty simple, aim and shoot with the mouse.

Ragnar Rock Ragnar Rock

The mail must be delivered! Play the role as Ragnar Rock, a 10 year old boy that is the mailman in Fjellheim, Middle Earth. Control him with the arrow-keys, jump with space and talk with people with the Z-key.

Street Kiter Street Kiter

A cool 3D game! Surf through a city behind a huge dragon. Jump and skate through the city while you earn points.

Snake Cubed! Snake Cubed!

Experience Snake in 3D. Eat fruits, get extra time, disarm bombs and watch out for black holes!

Bordtennis Bordtennis

An awesome game from Teagames. You play table tennis, and can join tournaments. But the game can be a little bit tricky. You first select the level of difficulty before you start the game.

Ratinator Ratinator

This is a really nice 3d-shooter. Watch out for the annoying rats!

Field Goal Field Goal

Field Goal; greater strength makes the ball fly further. You must hit the green line for the desired strength. Use the mouse to control.

Gunny Bunny Gunny Bunny

Fun 3d shooter. You can choose between loads of different guns. Aim and shoot with the mouse. This game demands a fast computer!

Wakeboarding XS Wakeboarding XS

Show off your tricks! Keep the left mouse button pressed to gain more power. Use Z, X, C and U to perform tricks.

3D Shooter 3D Shooter

Shoot the target that moves towards you. This game has 3 difficulties.

Verti Golf Verti Golf

Verti Golf; part 1 of Verti Gold. Different maps you never would have imagined playing golf on. Use the mouse to select the direction and spacebar to shoot.

Dodge that Anvil! Dodge that Anvil!

A fun and cute 3D-game where you have to hunt for carrots with a bunny.

Roll Roll Pirate Roll Roll Pirate

A great 3d puzzle game! In this game you are a pirate rolling around collecting jewels.

Street Luge Street Luge

Drive down the road and try to keep a good pace without crashing. Press A to speed up, Z to brake, and right and left arrow to steer.

Shootin Hoops Shootin Hoops

Dribble your way to the hoop, without loosing the ball or going off court. Control with the arrow keys and shoot with X.

3D Pong 3D Pong

Fun 3D Ping pong. Play with the arrow-keys, try to smash the white ball over on the opponents side.

Hummer Rally Championship Hummer Rally Championship

You are driving a Hummer with 2 other racers. Try getting to the goal before they do! Use the arrow keys.

3D Snowboarding 3D Snowboarding

Try to stand on the board without hitting any trees. Pick up icons on the way to the big jump.

Verti Golf 2 Verti Golf 2

Verti Golf 2 is a demo where you play golf at very unusual places. The game has many obstacles you have to conquer. Use the mouse to select the direction and spacebar to shoot.

Harvey Wallbanger Harvey Wallbanger

Move the ball alongside the dancefloor without letting the ball fall off.

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