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Snow Drift Snow Drift

Fun platform-game that looks a bit like Sonic/Super Mario in the winter. Move with the arrow-keys, arrow up to jump, arrow down to slide on the ice. And arrow right/left to move.

Super Smash Flash Super Smash Flash

Play Super Smash Bros with over 28 different characters! Jump with O, use P to attack and the arrow-keys to move.

Koopa Koopa

Play Koopas Revenge: A fun Super Mario-like platform-game where you control Koopa, the turtle.

Super Mario 1 Super Mario 1

Try the original Super Mario Bros! The game that started all of the Mario-hype. Press Enter to start the game, control with the arrow-keys, Z and X.

Mario Time Attack Mario Time Attack

Super-fun Mario clone, run as quickly as possible from one side of the path to the other ...Controlled with arrow keys.

Sesam Oppdrag Åsgard Sesam Oppdrag Åsgard

Sesam is back with another cool Sesam-game: Objective Åsgard! Play the tough viking while he jumps, runs and throws barrels through Middle Earth. Objective Åsgards reminds of Super Mario with a Sesam-twist.

Super Mario Hardcore Super Mario Hardcore

Super Mario Hardcore is a violent game. Mario is equipped with weapons this time. Use C to shoot and the arrow-keys to control Mario.

Super Mario 2 Super Mario 2

Have you tried Super Mario Bros 2 on Nintendo? This is a classic from 1988. Start the game with Enter and move with the arrow-keys, Z and X.

Super Mario World Super Mario World

Play the classic Super Mario World - in this flash-based version. Control with arrow keys, and guide Super Mario through a dangerous world.

Mario Star 2 Mario Star 2

Play Mario in this cool platform-game! Collect all the stars along the way. Use arrow keys and Space.

Fancy Pants 2 Fancy Pants 2

Play the sequel to Fancy Pants Adventure: A game kinda like Super Mario, you just play as a stick-figure.

Pacman Pacman

Everyone knows Pacman! Eat your opponents when they are vulnerable, but watch out for them when they want to eat you. This game has a Mario-twist.

Mario Adventure 2 Mario Adventure 2

A beautiful version of the classic Super Mario-games. Dont miss this one if you are a Mario-fan!

Leo Steel And The Aztec Gold Leo Steel And The Aztec Gold

A platform-game like Sonic, with a real retro-feeling. Pick up coins, hearts and other good stuff while jumping obstacles, holes and enemies. Use arrow up to jump. Use the S-key if the music makes you crazy. The character runs by itself.

FrostBite FrostBite

A fun platform-game that looks like Super Mario. Shoot with a harpoon, gather points while jumping through a colourful world. Move with the arrow-keys and the mouse.

Mario Remix Mario Remix

A fun version of Mario! Super Mario as you remember him from the glory days in Nintendo NES.

Toxic Toxic

Toxic is a platform-game that is similar to Super Mario. Move with the arrow-kyes, jump around and place bombs with the space-key. How far can you get?

Weirdville Weirdville

Do you like Super Mario Bros? Then you will love Weirdville. Jump through a world of dangers and flying coins. Gather points and fight bad-guys.

Donkey Kong Donkey Kong

Play the classic Donkey Kong ... Lead Mario up the ladders; Are you able to rescue the princess before you are struck by Donkey Kongs rolling barrels?

Super Mario Rampage Super Mario Rampage

Super Mario has gone mental! Equipped with a shotgun he attacks anything that looks lik ea tortoise or a dragon. Control him with the arrow-keys and shoot with space.

Super Mario Revived Super Mario Revived

A completely new version of Super Mario! If you like the Nintendo Wii, you need to test this web-based version of our old hero!

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