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Ocean Express Ocean Express

Place different blocks strategically on a freight carrier, so that most of the space is filled. Choose the blocks ith left mouse button and rotate them with the space bar.

Tetris Designer Tetris Designer

Create your own Tetris-bricks in this little Tetris game. You will need to install Java!

Tetris Tetris

The original Tetris game. Tetris is a simple game. If you played Tetris on Nintendo Game Boy, then you will love this Tetris version!

Cube Buster Cube Buster

Cube Buster looks a bit like Tetris at first sight, but its completely different. The objective is to press the color that appears in the bottom to blow up the pieces.

Mario Tetris Mario Tetris

Play Mario Tetris. A fun Mario-version of Tetris, a must play for all Tetris-fans.

Bauns Bauns

Make the squares dissapear, press the silver ball and pull it back. The strength depends on how far you pull it. Shoot it at 3 green squares and they dissapear.

Tetris Returns Tetris Returns

Play the popular and classic Tetris game! Controlled with the arrow keys and the mouse.

Tetris Returns Tetris Returns

The classic Tetris in a new version. Place the blocks on top of each other, and try not to let the pile get to big. Controlled with arrow keys.

Lightning Bugs Lightning Bugs

Lightning Bugs is a fun game where the objective is to clean the board of the insects by clicking them. Looks a bit like Tetris.

Jellytetris Jellytetris

A Tetris game with a 3D twist.

Cubilus Cubilus

Can you place the boxes on the matching symbols? Click the boxes to pull them in the right direction. To restart the level click "Cubilus". Choose level by clicking the arrows.

Crash Down Crash Down

You will be given colours in the bottom of the screen. Try to click the matching color above. Use the mouse to play.

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